Useful gift ideas for travelers and frequent flyers

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  1. This is definitely a good list, there are many of these products that I already use myself, but something that I definitely need and have promised myself to get one but still didn’t is a gorillapod, I never used it, but saw others doing and it seems to be so useful!

  2. Love this gift list. Now I got some ideas on what to ask for this Christmas 😉 Some of these things can also be a check list.. like Adapter packed – check! lol

  3. So many awesome gifts! Not easy to choose one. It seems I would go for a hidden pocket scarf! I hope Sana will read this! Still, the other gifts are awesome too!

  4. I don’t have the ones you mentioned, but I adore my workout bands for travel and for at home. It’s amazing how good of a workout you can get with such a simple piece of equipment.

  5. Really useful review for travelers) thank You) I travel a lot in Europe. I love Rome. Your list helps me a lot. Do you know about the peculiarities of African countries? What should I take with me? I’m going on a trip to Africa this year. Thanks)

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