Our First Travel Map From UncommonGoods

uncommon goods travel map

It’s crazy to think how big the internet has gotten in the previous 10-15 years.  I still remember the days of AOL, Netzero, and DSL.  How did we survive searching the web at 56K speeds?!  Downloading one song on Napster could take hours.  Yes I said Napster, if you know what that was you are probably LOLing… Now we have super crazy fast internet where everything is literally right at our fingertips in a split second.  One big thing we find ourselves doing on the internet these days is shopping, we all know how big e-commerce has become.  So big to where you never have to physical shop for anything, you can just have everything delivered to your doorstep.

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Wall Street Suites: A Hidden Gem in Downtown Bend

Wall Street bend Oregon dog friendly fittwotravel.com

We absolutely love traveling with our dog (Tsunami) so when we planned a road trip to Bend, we knew we had to bring him along. Bend is one of our favorite trips from Portland. Tsunami loves road trips, so a trip down to Bend was exactly what we all needed, the only issue is sometimes it can be challenging to find a dog-friendly hotel that we all enjoy.  Luckily on this trip we were fortunate enough to stay only 2 blocks from the heart of downtown at the Wall Street Suites, and a hidden gem it is!

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Travel Hack: Finding Cheap Flights

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One of the easiest ways to be able to travel more often is to find cheap flights. But booking plane tickets at a reasonable price can be tricky. Previously, we spent a ton of time using about 10 different search engines just to find the cheapest flights. That was until we found Skyscanner. Skyscanner has cut our time searching for great flight prices in half! Skyscanner has turned into our go to flight search engine. It is extremely easy and customizable, making the flight buying process that much easier and we have found some really cheap flights using Skyscanner!

Skyscanner is a global travel search engine that compares flights, hotels and car rental searches.  They are consistently the best flight options and prices that we have been able to find. Skyscanner is one of the best search engines out there!   They have more travel partners than any other search engine, which means more flight options for you to choose from.  We know there are a lot of people who still haven’t heard about Skyscanner, so let us help you become familiar with it so you can save on your next vacation.

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4 Fitness Retreats You Don’t Want To Miss

fit destinations yoga fittwotravel.com

Two things that we enjoy are fitness and travel, hence our blog name. In our lives, the two things are pretty separate as we do our fitness training at work and then enjoy our travels while away. Although the two do combine, as we try our hardest to keep a healthy lifestyle with food and workouts while we travel. We area always looking for new and exciting ways to keep fit while on the road. One thing that had never crossed our minds until recently, which also seems to be growing rapidly in popularity, is what is known as a “Fitness Retreat”.  Its pretty self-explanatory really but it’s a vacation centered around fitness or health.  Now we have yet to participate in one but we have been doing our research and have become very intrigued, so intrigued that we now have 4 fitness retreats that we are dying to go to!  In the meantime, we have done lots of research for you if you are looking for a fitness retreat to attend in 2017.

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Tips to Plan A Super Cheap Cruise

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We went on our first cruise in May and boy was it an amazing experience! We have seemed to steer away from cruises as we have heard all the horror stories about how expensive they can be, but just like any travel, if you are smart and plan things out you can make it really affordable. Here’s some tips we have to help save some money while traveling to several different countries. We spent roughly $1500 per person for 7 days, and that’s including airfare, the cruise, and all of our expenses off of the ship.  Heres our guide on how to plan a cheap cruise.

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Use Groupon to find Cheap Activities

photo credit http://www.oregongolf.com/courses/stevenson/skamania-lodge/

This is a sponsored post. As always, all opinions are my own

Being active, we like to find new activities that are fun but challenging. As long as the weather here in Oregon permits, we like to do outdoor activities. And w are so lucky to live in a state that is so beautiful. We have found Groupon to be a great way to search our area for fun things to do that are also easy on our wallets. Groupon makes it easy and budget friendly to find activities to do around Portland. It is easy to put in your location and search for different activities. Just a few of the categories you can search for are “sports and leisure” or “nightlife” or “kids”, along with more options.  It’s even great if you are going to be traveling somewhere and are looking for things to do to stay busy. You are able to find most big cities and can start planning your itinerary before you even arrive.

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Cruising Around St Lucia: Spencer Ambrose Tours

spencer ambrose st lucia fittwotravel.com


St. Lucia is not the most well-known island in the Caribbean. In fact, when we planned our cruise through the Caribbean, it was one of the islands that we didn’t know what to expect. St Lucia was one of the islands that we hadn’t heard a ton about, so we didn’t have anything that we felt like we had to do. However, after some heavy research, St Lucia soon became the island we were most excited for. On most of the islands we visited during our cruise, our plans mostly consisted of finding a taxi to take us to the beach. This was actually the only port that we planned a shore excursion.  After doing some research we soon found out that St. Lucia is a beautiful island with huge green mountains and a ton of culture. St Lucia is an absolutely gorgeous island and a great place for adventurers. The island is very mountainous, more than most Caribbean Islands. St. Lucia also is home to a drive-in volcano. Once we really started paying attention there was actually TOO MUCH to choose from on St. Lucia! To help see as much as possible we booked an excursion with Spencer Ambrose Tours.

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How to Spend One day in St Thomas

one day st thomas fittwotravel.com

We recently took a cruise aboard the Carnival Fascination cruise ship through the gorgeous southern caribbean. We left from San Juan, Puerto Rico and our first stop was St. Thomas. St Thomas is one of three islands to make up the U.S. Virgin Islands, along with St Croix and St John. The US Virgin Islands are known for the beaches, shopping, and snorkeling.  Charlotte Amalie is the largest city and capital of the U.S. Virgin Islands. While St. Thomas may be small in size, there is plenty for you to do for one day in St. Thomas.

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5 Winter Getaways To Plan This Year

winter getaways ski snowboard fittwotravel.com

For some people, their favorite time of the year includes cold, wet, snowy weather. For others, like us, we’d rather travel to warm, tropical destinations while its cold and rainy at home. The dreaded winter time: cold, rain, hail, sleet, snow, all words that can be devastating to our psyche.  That’s why we usually plan vacations to tropical places to escape the dreary weather.  We are definitely guilty of this in the fall and winter as the Pacific Northwest can be long and gloomy.  But not all vacations need to be planned around tropical destinations and fruity cocktails.  Some of the best vacations can involve the cold, in particular the snow! As we are making our travel plans for this upcoming winter, we have compiled a list of our 5 favorite winter getaways to plan for this year.

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An Unforgettable Honeymoon at Secrets Wild Orchid

secrets hotel review featured image

All-Inclusive Luxury Resort 

When it came down to choosing our destination wedding, we fell in LOVE with Secrets Wild Orchid in Jamaica and that was before we even stayed at the property. From the pictures and reviews we read online it looked absolutely lovely. You can never be to sure until you experience it for yourself. But once we arrived at the Secrets Resort for our December destination wedding, we were in heaven! This resort is just to die for! From the gorgeous beaches to the phenomenal service, there was no better way to spend our first week as husband and wife.

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