The Beauty in Silver Falls State Park

silver falls preview-3

If you love waterfalls and nature, Silver Falls is the perfect place for you. With plenty of waterfalls, and forest-like scenery, it’s hard to imagine a prettier state park. Honestly, I am disappointed in myself for making it all this time WITHOUT visiting Silver Falls State Park, as I have lived in Oregon my whole life! Silver Falls is the largest state park in Oregon, at 9200 acres. And now that we’ve visited Silver Falls in person, we think it has some of the best waterfalls that we’ve ever seen! This park is one of the prettiest places we’ve ever seen! If you come to Oregon, you must make a trip to Salem to see these falls for yourself!

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Book Your Next Trip With Groupon Coupons


This is a sponsored post. As always, all opinions are my own. 

 Who doesn’t like saving money? I tried my hand at couponing a few times, and just wasn’t cutting it. It wasn’t that I didn’t have the time to do it, I just always seemed to forget the dang coupon at home! But now, thanks to technology, there’s no need to cut the coupon out AND remember to bring it with you to the store. Now, Groupon has coupons, conveniently called “Groupon Coupons” and they are super easy to us! If you’re going to be buying it anyway, might as well look for a coupon.

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The Oregon Coast: A Scenic Road Trip from Portland

oregon coast

Oregon is one of the best states out there! I may be a little biased because I live here, but it truly is a great state!  From the beach to the mountains and lakes, there is never a dull moment if you’re a nature lover. If you are ever visiting Portland, make sure you check out these day trips! Today, we’re going to go more in depth into visiting the Oregon Coast from Portland. The coast is one of our favorite places to go within Oregon, mostly because there is so much to see and do, but it’s also a great place to go and relax for the weekend.  If you’ve never been to the Oregon Coast, be forewarned that it is nothing like the beach in Southern California or Florida. It is usually cold and overcast, and even sometimes stormy. Very rarely is it perfect blue sky and hot! Don’t plan on sunbathing in your suit! But, the Oregon coast is BEAUTIFUL! The Oregon coast runs along the Pacific Ocean, stretching over 360 miles! Typically the Oregon coast is divided into 3 regions- North, Central and South. We’re going to focus on the central coast- from Lincoln City to Florence. Lincoln City and the surrounding beauty is our favorite part of the Oregon Coast. You’ll see why soon enough!

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Flying In the Sky: Da’ Flying Frog Zip-line Tour

zipline nicaragua

We have heard some of the best views while zip-lining are in Central America. Once we booked our trip to Costa Rica and Nicaragua, we knew we had to find a place to try zip-lining. There are plenty of places that have zip-line tours. It wasn’t until we were staying in San Juan Del Sur, and we passed by Da’ Flying Frog Adventures multiple times on our way to and from town. After a little more research we decided this was where we wanted to go! Luckily our villa, Bahia Del Sol, was so helpful, they called Da’ Flying Frog and got us all set up.  We called the day before and we instantly had plans for a zip-line adventure the next morning. There was no turning back now!

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ESTAS.NET: Making USA Travel Easy and Accessible


         Visiting the United States of America is a dream for many people. From the Empire State building in New York City to California’s Disneyland, there are so many beautiful things to see and do in the USA. However, it isn’t always the easiest to obtain a visa and can be quite stressful to plan your trip into the country. Due to the Visa Waiver Program (VFP), traveling to the United States is easier now more than ever. 

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Everything You Need to Know to Survive Songkran

Songkran thumbnail

Before our visit to Southeast Asia last spring, I didn’t really know what Songkran was. I probably would still not have any idea if we didn’t make a trip to visit my husband’s family in Laos. It just so happened that we would be there during the Thai (and also Laos) New Year. I had no idea what to expect, except for the fact that Google search told me there was a huge water fight!  I’m so glad to have been able to join in this celebration! We were too busy getting soaked so we didn’t get as many great pictures as we wanted, I guess we will just have to go back again to celebrate.

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How To Surf Like a Local

san juan del sur surfing

I’ve always been a beach girl even though I was born and raised in Oregon, and the beach here is just a freezing cold “coastline”. The first time (and only time until recently) I went surfing I was about 10 years old on a family trip to Hawaii. I don’t remember much but apparently I actually caught a wave! I think the extent of my surfing was standing on the board and riding the wave in, but at least I stood up! Tip had not surfed before and I was longing to go again, so while we were in Nicaragua I made sure that we took some surfing lessons.  We contacted Arena Caliente Surf Camp, a local surf camp in San Juan Del Sur and we were all set for lessons. Even though we had huge 8-9 feet waves the day we took our lesson, we both were able to ride some waves and soon enough we’ll be making our pro debuts! Here’s everything you need to know to learn how to surf like a local.

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Llanos De Cortez Waterfall

costa rica waterfall

On our recent visit to Costa Rica, we wanted to visit one of the many waterfalls the country has to offer. The problem was we were only visiting the Guanacaste area, which is more dry, so not great conditions for waterfalls. Luckily not far from Liberia there is Llanos De Cortez, a gorgeous hidden waterfall.  We didn’t spend too much time in Liberia, we actually just used it for our midpoint between Playa Flamingo and Nicaragua.  We spent 2 nights in Liberia, one when we arrived from the US and one night before we left. On our way back from Nicaragua, we had our driver take us to the falls and it was beautiful!  If you are anywhere close to Liberia make sure you make it to Llanos De Cortez. Read our guide to find out more about Llanos De Cortez waterfall.

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The Place You MUST stay in Nicaragua

Bahia Del Sol Morning View

If you read our previous post about San Juan Del Sur (SJDS), Nicaragua, then you will have an idea of how amazing a city it is, and how fast it is growing in popularity as a vacation destination. In the ‘Top 5 things to do in Nicaragua’ we highlighted 5 adventures you can do to make your trip to SJDS as memorable as possible. In this post we will be spending our time writing about the place you must stay in Nicaragua. The place we were able to call home for almost a full week, the amazing Bahia Del Sol Villas and Condo!

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Top 5 Things to do in San Juan Del Sur

San Juan Sunset


Top 5 things to do In San Juan Del Sur Nicaragua, surf, catamaran, zip-line, jesus, sunday funday

Not the first country that comes to mind when booking a vacation. After reading this post, you will be exposed to all the beautiful sites and adventures that San Juan Del Sur (SJDS), Nicaragua has to offer. Nicaragua is an up and coming vacation destination. Currently, more known to the backpacking world, but this has been slowly changing as more and more investors are starting to build and develop down there. I am talking more specifically about San Juan Del Sur, the quiet surf/fishing city on the Pacific Ocean. But this hidden gem is slowly becoming a place to be: with amazing weather, great surfing, beautiful views, delicious food, and the best part of it all is it’s SUPER CHEAP! For example: you can get a juicy lobster tail dinner with a few cocktails and walk out of there spending under $20. We spent a full week in San Juan Del Sur and made the most of every day. Here are the top 5 things to do in San Juan Del Sur

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