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The Best 12v Fridge for RV and Campervans

The Best 12v Fridge for RV and Campervans

Whether you're planning to live in a van or RV, or just want a camping fridge to take in your car on some road trips, keeping your food cold is a necessary task for a drive. Unfortunately you can't just use any fridge in your van or car, you'll need a...

Home Fitness Workouts

Home Fitness Workouts

This a 3 day strength workout, with an additional day of a quick cardio workout. Everything can be modified, so if you need any help or any movement gives you trouble or pain, let me know and we can modify things. These are supersets. The workout should be performed...


Meet Tip and Tarah

We are Tip and Tarah, and we decided to start Fit Two Travel as a way to share our travels. We are based in Portland, Oregon and both work full time as personal trainers. Every chance we get, we make it a point to travel and explore new places as much as we can, even with full time jobs.  We’re here to help you explore more, including tips and tricks to traveling, budgeting, and staying in shape while on the road!

Get to know us 

We’re a husband and wife couple that both work full time as personal trainers. We love to explore our home state of Oregon in our free time, and travel to new international destinations. We are currently in the middle of a DIY van conversion so we can travel around the US with our 2 dogs. Learn more about us here. 

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