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After moving into our campervan full time (I know, right?), there have been some things we’ve been needing and wanting to make our van life more efficient and more organized. For those who live in a RV or campervan (or spend a lot of time), there’s not a lot of space to have extra things taking up space. Everything you have must be extremely useful, and it helps if it’s also compact.

We’ve made a list of campervan gifts that we either already use AND LOVE, or desperately need! And while we’re focused on van life gadgets, these also make great gifts for RV owners as well. Most of us van lifers aren’t looking for BIG gifts, but need more useful and efficient gifts, so if you see something that is small, compact, and has lots of uses, it’s probably a good gift for living in a van!

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25 Awesome Campervan Gifts for Van Owners

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Rumpl blanket

This blanket is a great indoor/outdoor puffy blanket. The rumpl blanket is a compact down blanket and rolls up super small, but is also waterproof and durable. A great blanket to gift to any van or RV owner to keep warm through all seasons.

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Scrubba wash bag

This portable wash bag is perfect for anyone that is frequently on the go. The wash bag has a built in flexible washboard. It’s easy to use: you fill, rub clothes against the washboard, then rinse. For anyone that is on the road, hiking, or even camping, this portable wash bag is a great gift.

Packing cubes

We couldn’t live without our packing cubes. These cubes help us stay organized in such a small space.

Collapsible camping chair

It’s nice to for van and RV owners to have some camping chairs that they can use outside of their vehicle. These chairs  are collapsible, which means they don’t take up a lot of room. The chair weighs only 2 pounds and fits in a backpack, which means its easy to take on the go.

Warm Socks

Warm socks are a necessity for campervan owners, or anyone who spends a lot of time outside. These socks are nice and warm, and come in lots of fun colors.

Bluetooth speaker

Every camper needs a portable bluetooth speaker. Whether its used in the van or outdoors while camping, this small speaker can pack a lot of sound. This speaker has 24 hours of playtime, is super lightweight, and easy to connect to all phones.

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Solar power portable charger

We take our solar powered portable charger everywhere! It makes it so convenient to let it charge itself in the sun and then use it to charge electronics. This charger has has 3 USB ports, and charges an iPhone multiple time without having to be recharged. Not only can it charge with the sun but it can also be plugged in.

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Dude wipes

Despite what the name says, even ladies can use these! Everyone should have some flushable wet wipes handy. These wipes are flushable, and totally septic and sewer safe. Dude wipes are unscented with aloe vera and Vitamin E. Not only can they be used in lieu of toilet paper, they are also great for a quick little wipe down after a hike or exercise.

French press

It’s a little hard to have a full coffee maker in your campervan, so having a smaller french press will still support your coffee kick. This french press is 100% BPA free and the double stainless steel allows for a better filtration system for your coffee. This can also be used for juice, tea, frothed milk, hot chocolate and more.

Battery-powered blender

This is a great small single serve battery powered blender. This blender takes up very little space, is USB rechargeable, and is easy to clean. This blender can fit in most cup holders, and small enough to fit in your gym bag or purse.

Solar shower

If the van lifers that you’re gifting don’t have a shower in their van, a solar shower bag is a great gift idea. This solar shower holds 5 gallons of water, hangs up, and has a readable temperature gauge. The solar shower can be used camping, hiking, or anywhere on the go.

Bedside caddy

Since vans don’t have a lot of storage, finding some extra storage space is key. These bedside caddies hang right off the side of the bed, or the bench and can fit books, phones, remotes, and even a laptop. This is a great practical gift for van owners.

Camping hammock

Having a hammock you can use anywhere is one of the coolest things. Lightweight, compact, and has a 500lb weight limit,this hammock can be tied up anywhere for easy lounging. This hammock weighs less than 1 pound and can be setup in seconds. This makes a great gift for any one who loves camping.

Pocket cocktails

What’s better than a small, compact easy to make cocktail drink anywhere? With these packets, you just add water and desired liquor and you’ll have a cocktail in no time! Whether hiking, camping, or chilling in a van, this cocktail mix is perfect for on-the-go drinks.

Kuju coffee

For all the coffee lovers out there, this single use pour over coffee is convenient and eco-friendly. The cool thing about Kuju coffee is all of the pocket pourovers are packaged in a state-of-the-art facility run 100% on wind power. The coffee is fresh and easy to use.  Simply open the package, anchor the package to the mug, and pour hot water over. A great tasting coffee to go, even in the wilderness.

Hand held vacuum

This high powered car vacuum, is great for a small space like a van or RV. It also vacuums water, which is great for cooking and cleaning in small spaces. The vacuum charges with an AC or DC charger, and even has multiple attachments to reach all the nooks and crannies in the van.

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Berkey water filter

If you’re feeling generous, this water filter is a great gift idea for van lifers. The Berkey water filter will filter the dirtiest water around. So if they are traveling around and don’t have fresh water available, having the clean water will be a lifesaver.

Mr buddy heater

If traveling anywhere in cold temperatures, it’s good to have a portable heater just in case. This is an indoor-safe propane heater that can easily be ignited and heats up small spaces quickly. All you need is a small propane tank and it lasts for hours.


We weren’t sure how having an instant pot in our van would work out to start, but this thing has been a lifesaver! It’s so easy to use, takes very little electricity and can make so many different meals in it! There are 3 different sizes, but we got the 6 quart for the 2 of us, as that will give us enough for a little leftover. It fits in one of our cupboards perfectly and makes plenty of food for us.

Portable espresso maker

This espresso maker is small, lightweight, and requires NO electricity! This is great for any camper, especially if you’re backpacking overnight and want to make an espresso the next morning. This espresso maker is hand operated and easy to use, making it easy to have an espresso anywhere!

Portable campfire ring

Make a fire anywhere with this portable campfire ring. The steel ring makes it easy to have natural wood-burning fires in the wilderness. The ring easily folds up to take it on the go.

Harvest Hosts Membership

Gifts for van owners (and even RV owners) don’t get much better than a membership to Harvest Hosts. The membership offers RV and van owners to stay overnight at over 1000+ locations around the United States. The locations range from wineries, farms, breweries, museums, and even golf courses. There is no additional charge for staying overnight! There are some really cool, and really beautiful overnight spots on Harvest Hosts.

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Amazon gift card

Lets be honest here, who doesn’t love a good gift card? As we were busy doing our van build, and beginning our life on the road, we used Amazon for everything. Every little accessory, or tool, or even snacks, can be found on Amazon. You can even give someone Amazon prime as a gift.

REI gift card

Gift cards for RV and van owners are always a good idea. Might as well give them something they can use, and pick out themselves.

National Parks pass

For anyone who owns a campervan or RV, they’ll definitely be visiting the US National Parks. The National Parks pass saves a lot of money in the end, and is a great gift for camper van owners.  The pass lasts for an entire years and can even be bought online as a gift.

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