Where to Rent a Campervan: 9 RV and Campervan Rentals in the USA

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(Last Updated On: February 5, 2020)

The Travellers Autobarn

Are you wanting to roadtrip around the US? Wanting to try out vanlife before fulling commiting? Traveling around in a campervan is getting more and more popular, test us, we recently bought a van to convert to a campervan. Why not rent a campervan for your next road trip to test the waters and see how you like living in a van? Depending on your location, renting campervans is propbably cheaper than it is to pay for a car and hotel rooms. Plus these campervan rentals include everything you may need on your roadtrip, including sink, fridge and stove. Here are 9 different campervan rentals in the USA to test out life on the road.

Where to rent a camper van United States

Where to rent a campervan in the USA

9 USA Campervan rental companies | Where to rent a campervan in the US | RV and Campervan rentals fittwotravel.com


Outdoorsy is like airbnb for campervan rentals! Outdoorsy has camper van rentals by owner, with locations all over the US.  Simply choose your location and dates then you can choose the vehicle style, such as a sprinter van, eurovan, or even RV rentals. Rates vary based on camper van and dates. Also, if you own a campervan or RV and want to rent it out when you’re not using it, you can sign up on Outdoorsy to let others experience your campervan on the open road.

Rental locations: All over the United States

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Escape Campervans

Escape Campervans offer fully equipped campervans for easy roadtrips around the US. The campervans are all custom painted with beautiful art, which means your van is sure to stand out. Currently 4 different vehicles to choose from (3 vans and 1 truck), sleeping ranges from 2-5 people. Every camper rental includes a convertible bed and dining space, kitchen with sink, fridge and stove, dual battery with solar panel, and a guidebook. Bedding and kitchen sets are available at an extra cost.

Rental locations: 10 cities including Seattle, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Portland, Denver, Miami…

Escape Campervan Rentals in United States

Photo courtesy of Escape Campervans


Native Campervans

Native Campervans offers 3 sizes of camper rentals, Biggie, Smalls, and OG. All vans sleep 2 people. The campervans include 100 free miles/day, built in basic insurance coverage, and most of the bedding and kitchen supplies are included.  Dogs are allowed in Native Campervan rentals.

Rental locations: Denver, Salt Lake City & Las Vegas


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Jucy USA

Jucy is popular in New Zealand and Australia, but is newer to USA campervan rentals. Known for the bright green and purple vans, the Jucy “mini-RVs” sleep 2 or 4 people with rooftop tent. Jucy campervan rentals include a fridge, sink, stove, bedding, kitchen utenstils and cookware and camping chairs. Rates start at $100/night but depend on location and time of year. Search for a Jucy van today! 

Rental locations: Los Angeles, San Francisco, Las Vegas

Jucy Campervan rentals USA

Photo courtesy of Jucy USA


Peace Van Rentals

Peace van rentals have both vintage Vanagons and modern Eurovans to rent.  All the vans comfortably fit 4 people (ideally 2 adults and 2 children). All interiors have been refreshed and detailed, including USB ports and modern stereos. Peace van has thought of everything that you may need to roadtrip in your campervan! All vans have a modern fridge, pop-up tent with extra sleeping, full cookware and eating utensils, french press coffee maker, small camping table and chairs, and a 2 burner propane stove.

Rental Location: Seattle, Washington

peace van camper van rentals washington

Photo courtesy of Peace Van Rentals

Hawaii Surf Campers

When visiting Hawaii why not rent a campervan to explore the island? Hawaii surf campers have 8 different campers available to rent, ranging from vintage Volkswagens to modern Ford vans. These camper van rentals are the best way to see the island, for a great price too! The vans sleep 2-3 people and rates start at $149/night.

Rental Location: Oahu, Hawaii

Hawaii surf campers for rent

Photo courtesy from Hawaii Surf Campers


Looking to start your US roadtrip in the Pacific Northwest? Roamerica is based in Oregon, which is the perfect spot for a campervan rental, with all the nature and scenery around. Roamerica campervans have a “pop-up” rooftop which is raised when stationary, making it easy to stand inside the van. The conversion vans sleeps and seat 4 adults comfortably or a family of 5 with young children. All vans have lights, kitchen, fridge, sink, propane stove, bedding, towels, and kitchen gear.  Rates range from 190-250/night depending on the season, rates include 125 miles/day. Roamericas campervans are dog friendly so bring your dog along on your US road trip!

Rental location: Portland, Oregon

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The Travellers Autobarn

Travellers autobarn lets you rent a camper and RVs throughout the US at three different locations. Their camper vans seat and sleep up to 3 people.  Bedding and cookware are available for an extra fee. All rentals have unlimited free miles. Travellers Autobarn also has campervan rentals in Australia and New Zealand.

Rental locations: Los Angeles, San Francisco, Las Vegas

Campervan hire USA roadtrip - Travellers Autobarn

Photo courtesy of Travellers Autobarn

Lost Campers USA 

Lost Campers rent out minivans that come equipped with a full-size bed, linens, a picnic table, camp chairs, and outdoor kitchen and cooking set. Lost campers prides itself on being a cheap van rental company. But these budget campervans have everything you need to roadtrip around the US. Each campervan rental comes with 100 free miles a day.

Rental locations: Los Angeles, San Francisco, Salt Lake City

USA RV and Campervan rentals Lost campers

Photo courtesy of Lost Campers


Aren’t you dying for a roadtrip in a campervan now? There are lots of choices if you’re looking for a campervan hire in the US. Which of these campervan rentals do you want for your next USA road trip? 

Tip and Tarah of Fit Two Travel

Tip and Tarah of Fit Two Travel

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