How Much Does it Cost to Visit Antigua and Barbuda? Our trip budget for 8 days in Antigua and Barbuda

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Is Antigua expensive? Well, before we arrived, we had heard that it is. Now, it can be expensive. Things definitely can add up. But it doesn’t have to be. We were able to travel to Antigua for less than $100/person a day, and here’s how!

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Watch our full breakdown of our Antigua trip and what we spent:

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Car Rental

We stayed for 8 days in Antigua and Barbuda, so we decided to rent a car. We rented our car through our airbnb hosts. It was super easy as we just picked the car up at the airport terminal. We did have to purchase an international drivers license for $20/person.

Total spent for Car rental, license and gas for 8 days = $380


We like to be able to have the option to cook some meals throughout our time. This is one reason why we like to stay at an airbnb as opposed to a hotel.

Some foods are more expensive than in the United States, like berries or chips. But some things were about the same price.

Total spent for Groceries = $545

Dining out

We like to eat out and try new foods when we’re traveling. But we don’t like to spend too much on food and drinks

Find some local, off the beaten path restaurants to save money. We found a great one by our airbnb, Green Apple Cafe, that was super delicious and we got like 4 things to eat for $20 USD. Places like beach bars will be more expensive.

Total spent for dining out = $280

27 EC (Eastern Caribbean dollars) is about $10 USD


Depending on how many excursions you do, this can obviously influence your budget. Since we had the car and were able to drive around on our own, we choose to do 2 excursions.

We did a snorkel and lobster lunch with Creole Antigua Tours. The tour cost $140 (at the time we went), but it included a full lobster lunch, snorkeling, drinks, and a catamaran cruise around the island

We also did a food tour with Eat N Lime Food Tours.

Both of our excursions, included food, so this price could also go with our “dining out” budget as well.

Total spent for excursions = $490


We think choosing an airbnb is definitely a great way to save some money in Antigua. It allowed us to cook our own meals.

Most 3 star hotels cost around $250/night. And we ended up paying around $150/night for the airbnb that was right on the beach.

Total for the airbnb = $1206

Total Spent for 8 days in Antigua and Barbuda

For 8 days in Antigua and Barbuda, we spent $2912. That is $364/day or only $182/person/day.

If you take a way the cost of the room (since you’ll be booking that ahead of time), we spent less than $100/day/person on our food, drinks, and excursions. Such a steal!

Antigua and Barbuda is a beautiful place! In fact, its one of our favorite Caribbean islands! It can be expensive to visit, but it doesn’t have to be! Plan ahead to save some money on your trip to Antigua and Barbuda.

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Tip and Tarah of Fit Two Travel

Tip and Tarah of Fit Two Travel

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