Eat n Lime Food Tour: Experience the local food and culture on this Antigua and Barbuda Food Tour

We love to do food tours when we’re visiting a new country or city, as it’s a great way to explore the city. So when we were planning to visit Antigua and Barbuda, we were excited to try Eat n Lime Food Tours. This Antigua and Barbuda food tour was a great way to explore the town, culture and delicious food!

Eat n Lime Food Tour

Eat n Lime is a food tour around St. Johns, Antigua and Barbuda. It includes 7 stops and cost $115/person. The tour starts in the historic Heritage Quay. Not only do you get to try the best food in Antigua and Barbuda, you get to explore hidden architectural, historical and cultural gems in the capital of St. Johns. All the stops on the tour give you a glimpse of the local food and culture.

The tour is available Monday-Saturday, with the Saturday option only stopping at 6 stops (and only $105).

Watch our video of our food tour here:

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Antigua and Barbuda Food Tour Stops

The tour starts in Heritage Quay, St Johns, right by where the cruise ships dock.

Annettes Fine Dining

Our first stop was Annette’s Fine Dining. We had a typical Antiguan breakfast here with salt-fish, greens, egg, and plantain. We also got to meet Annette, as she was working behind the counter

Annettes Fine Dining Antigua

Island B-hive Sports Bar

A great little spot near the cruise port. Island B-hive is known for its local food, and bar food.

Smoothie Palace

Our next stop was a stop at Smoothie Palace, where we got to meet Smoothie King himself. He uses all local and fresh ingredients to make delicious smoothies. He even has some great herbs to help people with specific illnesses.

Quin Farara Cavalier Rum

Quin Farara is the oldest family owned business in Antigua, opened in 1932. It’s a popular rum store, where it has cavalier rum, coconut rum, English harbor, and bottled water. Here we got to make our own old-fashioned rum punch. This is one of the best stops on the Eat n Lime tour!

Brownies bakery

Brownie’s bakery is the most popular bakery on the island. We tried the infamous bun and cheese, which tastes like a cinnamon roll with cheese inside.

Patty Delight

As we were nearing the end, we stopped for an Antiguan beef patty from Patty Delight.

One Stone Ital Shack

And our final stop, was at One Stone Ital Shack, a vegan stop. We got to try a spinach and potato ball, and fresh juice to end the tour.

This is a great tour to taste the local food of Antigua, plus learn about the history of Antigua. You get to experience some of the best food in Antigua. You can learn more about the tours including how to book your tour here.

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