Lets face it, frequent flyers usually have everything they need in terms of travel accessories. For us, we don’t need a lot of extra things that we will probably just sit in a box in our house. But travel related accessories, now that’s something that we could use! We are pretty light travelers, in fact, we usually travel with just carry-ons, or just one checked bag between the 2 of us so we really don’t like taking excess stuff. Throughout all our travels, we have found some of our favorite and most useful travel accessories. We have made it easy for you if you are looking for gifts for travel lovers. Or send it along to some friends if you see something you want! Here are 21 useful gift ideas that every traveler needs.

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Useful Gift Ideas for Travelers

Electronic Gifts
Gifts for Active Travelers
Keepsakes/Gifts for Home

Electronic Gifts

Anker Portable Charger

We travel with so many electronics when we travel, its not even funny. Like we have a full backpack that is all electronics. I guess that’s what happens when youre a blogger right? We would be totally screwed if we didn’t carry one (or three) of these powerbanks everywhere we go. And yes, we use these all the time even when were at home. This is definitely a necessitiy if you use your phone a lot when traveling. It is quick and easy to charge, and small enough to throw in a purse and take with you on the road. When we know we have a full day away from our hotel room, we make sure we bring our power banks! These are gret for anyone who uses their phone a lot, even if they don’t travel that often. This one is our favorite as it also charges our macbook pro. Any traveler will be thrilled to have a portable powerbank to charge their electronics. Quick to charge, and easy to take with as you explore the city, you can’t go wrong with a powerbank.

Joby Tripod

This is the perfect tripod for traveling because its small and compact. The gorillapod is super flexible and raps around for easy tripod use. We dont go anywhere without our gorillapod.

Portable External Hard Drive

Most travelers take a lot of pictures and videos these days. A portable external hard drive is ideal to take on your travels, so you can transfer all your images to one place, to free up more camera space.

Worldwide Travel Adapter 

A travel adapter is ideal for any frequent traveler. This adapter works in more than 150 countries. All in one adapter, with dual USB ports.

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IFLY carry-on luggage

useful gifts for travel lovers Ifly carry on luggage Fittwotravel.com

We recently got hooked on the iFLY X series carry-on bag. The iFLY luggage is the most affordable and lightweight luggage sets out there. Not only does it have a laptop/tablet sleeve, TSA approved lock, and 360 degree wheels, but it has a USB port to charge your electronics. There’s nothing worse than being in an airport, with a long layover with no USB ports available. Problem solved! All you need is a power bank and you’re set! The X-series also has a lifetime warranty, regardless of how many flights you take. Afforable and reliable.

Packing Cubes

These have been a lifesaver! The packing cubes have been amazing for saving space. If you are someone who has a hard time packing light and compact, these will definitely help you out, as it compresses everything into a smller space. These are essential for keeping your bag organized, as you can pack all the socks and underwear in a smaller cube, and your pants and shirts in the larger cube.

Neatpack Toiletry Bag

This toiletry bag holds all your necessities for travel without taking too much space in your luggage.  This toiletry bag holds full size bottles and plenty of smaller pockets for toothbrushes and makeup.

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If you plan on being outside at all, the dry bag will keep all your electronics and clothes dry. If we do any outdoor activities, like kayaking or boating, this bag is perfect, as we know all our accessories are dry!

Digital luggage scale

Perfect for chronic over packers, or those that are on the road all the time, the small scale will let you know when you’ve overpacked for your flight.

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Gifts for Active Travelers


Lifestraw Filtered water bottle

This is convenient for trips or even for hiking in your own backyard. For anytime you don’t have access to clean water, the filter water bottle will clean the water for you. Reusable BPA-free water bottle filters water as you use it. Perfect for travel, hiking, and camping. The filter removes bacteria, odor, and chlorine.

Workout bands

We bring out exercise bands with us on 95% of all our trips. These are small enough to fit in our bags, and we can do workouts on the road, whether its in our own hotel room or on the beach.


Having a pedometer or a Fitbit is the best way to make sure you’re still getting good exercise while traveling. We always try to walk as much as possible when traveling, but this is one way we stay in shape while traveling. The Fitbit is small and compact, no one even knows you’re wearing it. Its convenient to use, and easy to track your steps.

Microfiber towel

We always bring a microfiber towel with us when we travel, as its great for hot weather. The microfiber material dries fast, and is lightweight so it doesn’t take up a lot of room your luggage. This is perfect for a day of adventuring, because its light and compact. It dries quick and theres no odor, so you can pack it with your other clothes without fearing that the smell will spread.

Bluetooth headphones

There are so many options of Bluetooth headphones out there, and honestly a lot of them hurt my ears. I must have weird shaped ears because after an hour, I just cant wear most headphones. Not only are they suer affordable, but they are great quality and have held up through tons of hours on planes and in the gym.

Keepsakes/Gifts for Home


Landmass Goods Scratch-Off Travel map

Be inspired for your next trip with a scratch-off travel map. This travel map has been fun for our home. It’s a great reminder of all the places we have been tovether, and also a great motivator for places we want to visit next. There are a lot of companies that have scratch off travel maps, but the Landmass Goods is supportive of those wanting to study abroad. At least 10% of profits from Landmass Goods fund not-for-profit organizations that support our mission of making America more globally minded, helping to fund study-abroad grants.

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Travel notebook

I know a lot of travelers use their phones these days to make notes of their travels, but im still a big fan of writing things down. Its nice to have a travel notebook where I can write all the travel information, directions, tips or places to go in one spot.

Travel Fund Bank

An awesome way to save the extra change you have laying around for that next trip. We love the clear box so you can see all the change that is accumulating. This is one of the best ways to save money for the next trip.

Airplane Gifts


Neatpack RFID Travel Wallet

Small, water-resistant wallet with 3 slots for passports. RFID-blocking keeps your information from being stolen. Perfect for credit cards, passports, travel itinerary and even your phone. Use “FIT10OFF” for 10% off your order.

Hidden Pocket Scarf

Stylish and secure, this scarf has a hidden pocket for your phone, passport, keys, and other essential goodies. The pocket is big enough to hold a passport book. The scarf can be used as a blanket on the flight too. The material is soft and super reliable.

Scottevest Tropiformer Jacket

If you have lots of accessories or travel gear, the Tropiformer Jacket is for you. With 22 pockets, a removable hood, and breathable, water resistant fabric, this jacket can be used for everything! Its lightweight, and folds up into a compact carrying case. You may not be able to tell in the picture, but there are about 15 different cords and electronics in the pockets in the picture below!

useful gifts for travelers tropiformer jacket Fittwotravel.com

Passport Holder

We actually never used to have a holder for our passports until we found one at Coach, and have used it ever since. It’s a little more expensive and not as pretty as some of the ones we’ve found lately, so we’ve added a nice looking one for you. It’s nice to have all our cards and passports in one spot, and not risk getting them bent or dirty.

There you have it! 21 of the most useful gifts for all the travelers in your life. If they don’t already have it, they need it! Also don’t forget, an experience is almost always better than any gift, so plan a trip, or activity with them and Im sure they’ll love it!

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What do you think of these gifts for travelers? Is there anything you would add?





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