YS Falls Jamaica

A couple of days after the wedding a few of us decided to go on an adventure through several of the Provinces of Jamaica.  I can’t remember exactly how many we drove through, but I believe it was 6 out of 14 total provinces in Jamaica. Tarah’s father is an adventurous person that doesn’t like to sit around; he enjoys going on hikes on his free time, we are talking about thousands of miles annually that he racks up.  He was going to climb one of the biggest mountains in Jamaica but the day that he arrived they had more rain in two days than they had the whole year.  

YS Falls rope swing jamaica

He had arranged a tour guide to take us on a full day adventure. Funny story on how they came to meet: he randomly made friends with a local during his first couple of days on the island.  He ended up renting a room on her house boat for a couple of nights before he met us on the resort.  It might be pertinent to add that he went several days before everyone else arrived so that he could go and explore some of the island by himself.  Anyway, this local turned out to have a tour guide business and she hooked us up with her son, Richard, who was our personal driver for the whole day.

[wpvideo PP9VuHBu]

Marcia's top spot Jamaica

Richard was an awesome tour guide! But if you watched the above video, you would see a glimpse of how crazy the driving in Jamaica is.

He took us through a shortcut to YS falls and this road was extremely windy and very narrow.  When cars would pass, we would hold our breaths because they would come fast and furious, and you could barely fit a Macbook air in-between the vehicles as they passed.  Richard was a really skilled driver and got us to all of our destinations with no scratches. Along the way to YS falls, we made a pit stop in the mountains at a market, which was just out front of someones house.  I tell you, the fruit there was some of the freshest, most flavorful pieces of fruit I’ve ever had!

Jamaica fruit stand

But what was even better was this crawfish/shrimp soup that the lady was making.  It was so fresh, we had to wait about 10 minutes for it to finish cooking.  It was so good, some of us burnt our tongues resulting from not wanting to wait for it to cool down.

crawfish soap Jamaica


Then to top the pit stop off, Richard bought himself a pineapple, and this man had some skills with a knife.  We had never seen someone cut open a pineapple the way that he did, with basically a pocket knife, he was a magician with that blade.

After that pit stop, we went onward to our first stop, YS falls.  After roughly 2 hours in the van we arrived at YS falls and it was beautiful.  It’s not as big of a tourist attraction as Dunn River Falls which is located near Ocho Rios, but it definitely was as beautiful in our opinion.  There was hardly anyone else there!

YS Falls Jamaica
YS falls rope swing Jamaica
YS Falls Jamaica

This was all included in our tour package through Richard, so we did not have to pay anything while we were there. We had two tour guides show us around, one leading us through the falls, and the other carrying all of our cameras and taking the pictures for us, which was very convenient!

Jamaica walking through YS Falls
Jamaica YS Falls

Towards the end of the tour we got to jump off of a rope swing which was the highlight of the tour.  You will see me (Tip) in a life vest because I am not a great swimmer at all. I used to not know how to swim, but in the last several years I have been proactive about learning how to swim and even taking lessons. I figured we are going to be doing all of this traveling, there’s going to be lots of bodies of water in our future and I better learn! I’m getting better every trip…

IMG_9034 - Version 2

[wpvideo tL5zRYVE]

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