Yotel Boston: A Hip Affordable Luxury Hotel in The Seaport District

On our recent visit to Boston, we got to experience the newly opened Yotel Boston. Upon arriving at the hotel, we felt like we were walking into the future, with lots of clean white walls and self-service check in, it feels very futuristic. Yotel Boston is a hip new micro-hotel located right in the Seaport district of Boston. For all your Boston needs, Yotel Boston is the perfect affordable hotel with a slice of luxury.

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Yotel is a London based hotel chain, which started as an airport hotel called YotelAir, and has expanded to city locations. Yotel opened in Boston in July 2017, making this the 3rd city hotel. Yotel is readily expanded, with plans for 4 more city Yotel’s scheduled to open in the next 2 years. Yotel is inspired by first class travel, making the rooms, or “cabins” as Yotels calls them, similar to luxury airline travel.  The cabins are designed based on all the fabulous amentities of first-clss travel, in a smaller area. Yotel is all about creating a first-class experience at an excellent value.  Yotel Boston is basically all white, which makes it very clean, crisp, nd open. The hallways look like the inside of a cruise ship or an airplane.

The rooms at Yotel, called “cabins”, are small in comparison to most hotel rooms but efficient in design. Every nook and cranny is filled intelligently, including an adjustable smartbed.  The smallest rooms are only 152 square feet, but the rooms definitely don’t lack amenities. The rooms include heated towel racks, monsoon shower heads, mood-lighting, and a space-saving adjustable bed.  The cabins in Yotel Boston are smartly designed, with everything that you need and nothing that you don’t. Yotel is all about smart well-designed spaces at a reasonable price.

On the ground floor, is the mission control, Yotel Boston’s futuristic hotel desk, which is open 24/7. All the digital gadgets throughout the hotel means you spend less time waiting for the line to die down. Very technological and efficient, we wasted no time checking in with airline style self-service check in. If we needed assistance, there are still workers at the mission control for help. Yotel even has an app that allows you to check out, view your bill, explore the hotel/area, and more.

Yotel Boston Location

Yotel Boston is in the hopping area of Seaport district, one of the most vibrant neighborhoods. Seaport district is perfect for business, or family, as its right in the heart of the city, with easy access to the the airport, public transportation, and all Boston attractions. From Yotel Boston, its a quick walk to the Harbor walk and the Boston Tea Party ship. Don’t forget to enjoy delicious fresh seafood at Row 34 or Strega Waterfront.

Adjustable smartbed

The perfect bed for a small hotel room, the bed adjusts from a bed to a couch in a matter of seconds. This allows you to sit up on the couch and do work, or lay down to sleep. With the bed fully extended, the room is small and a little cramped, but we loved having the option to adjust it with one easy button, to the couch position, allowing us to walk around the room. Plus it’s one of the comfiest beds we’ve ever slept in! With nice big, comfy pillows to go with it!

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Technologically advanced room

Yotel is technology heaven. With the adjustable bed and the technowall, and plenty of space for electronics to charge, the hotel is super hi-tech. The room includes a techowall, which is a flat screen TV that connects to your phone for music playback and multi-power plugins for easy charging. The light surrounding the technowall is a vibrant color (with adjustable colors) with mood-lighting option, which can change the ambience in a matter of seconds. The extra plugins and additional USB charging ports were a lifesaver for us, as we have 800 electronics to charge Smart TV for access to connect to your phone through Bluetooth.

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Meditation Monday

Yotel Boston has one of the best, if not the best, amenities a hotel could possibly offer: Meditiation Monday. We lucked out, and happened to be in town for this, and we were so glad we were able to join. Every Monday, from 8am-8:30am with “The Boston Buddha” Andy Kelley. The meditation is complimentary to all hotel guests, and $15 for non-hotel guests to join.  While we don’t do meditation that much (actually at all), it was super refreshing and revitalizing to start the week off with some meditiaton. Such a great tool to have in the area for hotel guests and locals to utilize to energize the week. Yotel Boston also has “Mindfresh”, 5 minute meditation and relaxation videos available on the app and in your cabin.

Rooftop lounge

Yotel Boston has a fantastic rooftop bar and lounge, 12 floors above, overlooking the city. There is indoor and outdoor seating, with a 270 degree panoramic view of the river. This was our favorite place to hang out as the sun began to go down, and the golden light glistened against the buildings. With speakers and a big screen television, enjoy Monday Night Football, DJs, bands, or just an evening with friends atop the sky lounge.

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Other Yotel Amenites

  • Great location in Seaport
  • Self-service check in and check out
  • Complimentary Wi-Fi
  • 24/7 Fitness gym
  • Complimentary coffee and tea in the club lounge
  • Food to go menu
  • Ice and water available on every floor

The only thing in the cabins that I could see being a negative is the door between the bathroom and the rest of the room is just a slider and a curtain, so noises can travel between the two. If you’re traveling with someone and need some privacy, be aware, but it really isn’t any reason not to book at Yotel Boston.

The hotel was fairly busy while we were there, as there was a Halloween party and band playing upstairs in the sky lounge. The downstairs club lounge seemed like a popular place for people to meet, even if they weren’t staying at the hotel. With all that was going on in the hotel, we never had an issue with noise in our room-in fact we never heard anything! Yotel Boston is in a hopping area and it seemed like there was always something exciting going on in one of the two lounges.

Thanks to Yotel Boston for allowing us to enjoy their place. As always, all opinions are our own.

















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