Sweat to Improve Your Health with Pommello Sweats

Fitness is a big part of our life and we work out on a regular basis. Because of that, we like to find workout clothes that fit well and feel good when moving. Pommello Sweats is a line of performance apparel developed for anyone with fitness, health, and wellness goals. The apparel works by supporting three important functions of the body:

  1) Encourages the lymphatic system.

  2)  Aids to detox the body through the natural process of sweating .

  3) improves athleticism through the principles of hyperthermic conditioning. Pommello Sweats   uses a patent pending fabric, which maximizes the benefits of heat acclimation easily and effectively.

Sweat easier and feel healthier with pommello sweats. Designed to help your lymphatic system get rid of toxins and chemicals so you are healthy. FIttwotravel.com

How Pommello started

Calvin Ng, the founder of Pommello sweats was inspired to begin this journey after suffering a near fatal asthma attack. Instead of just taking medication to help, he decided to find the underlying issue.  After in-depth research, Calvin discovered that many of the world’s leading illnesses had a connection to chemical toxicity found in the body. He realized that sweating is much more important to keep the body healthy than most people realize. Calvin started crafting a prototype and just weeks after wearing the sweats, his symptons started to disappear. The toxicology results showed that the chemicals were being significantly reduced.

How it works

When you exercise with Pommello Sweats, the heat application enables you to sweat easily and efficiently without taxing your existing energy in a workout. Sweating consistently under heat stress causes your body to adapt making it even easier to sweat. Sweating can eliminate toxins that your kidneys and liver cant. By utilizing hyperthermic conditioning, the clothes allow for more efficient transportation of oxygen to your muscles, in turn promoting faster recovery and increased muscle mass growth.Benefits of Pommello Sweats:

  • boosts muscle growth
  • faster recovery time
  • greater flexibility
  • improves athletic performance through hyperthermic conditioning

The fabric insulates the heat around your body, and generates heat when you move. Heat acclimation is an excellent tool to promote the benefits of the inflammatory response. The mechanics of moving in Pommello Sweats generates heat which increases circulation and brings in nutrients while removing waste products to help heal damaged tissue.Our bodies are like a sponge; it absorbs toxins, chemicals, and pollutants around us. These have been linked to health issues including asthma, obesity, and cancer. Sweating regularly can help our body stay regular. Wearing Pommello sweats activates your lymphatic system when you move. This aids to decreasing recovery time, weight loss, and muscle soreness.

planking in pommello sweats fittwotravel.com

Tarah’s thoughts:

When I first put on the clothes, I had some trouble, mostly because of how insulated they are. It feels like you’re wearing a wetsuit. For the first workout, I was a little weary about how it would feel to actually lift weights. I had some pretty heavy squats on the workout for the day, so it was sure to be tested. While this workout wasn’t too cardio-intensive, I did feel an overall warmth to my body. I didn’t notice it during but after I took the clothes off, I did have some sweat. At one point, I felt like there may be a hole in the pants because it felt breezy, but that was just how well ventilated the pants are! By the time the workout was over, I felt really good! I loved the way my body felt: loose, relaxed, warm, it really made for a successful workout. It is a bit difficult to take the top off, as it clings to your body once the body warms up. Besides that, I really enjoyed wearing it! It felt good to get warmer than normal.Tip’s Thoughts:

HOT!!! I only say that because I sweat easily.  So when we were approached by a company about sending us workout gear that has the sole purpose of making me sweat, I started to sweat…  If you really knew me, it would be safe to say that you know that I sweat more than the average person on a daily basis.  My body just runs hot.  Anyways, I said yes to the chance to review this, because, come on, its free workout gear.  I didn’t know what to expect, but I was suspicious when we first opened the package.  The material felt so heavy and suffocating.  I was thinking there was no way I was working out in this.  It felt like I was in a wet suit x10.

I have no problem admitting that I was completely wrong.  Soon as I put the Pommello sweats on, I did exactly that, I started to sweat.  It was getting really warm, from just moving around my house, gathering my gym gear, and recording a quick youtube video.  I started to get a wet, damp feeling over my body, but only on the parts that were covered by the clothing.  During my workout, I felt amazing.  I could notice that I was sweating more and my overall body temp felt higher.

The thing I honestly love most about the gear is even though I’m sweating profusely, the clothes made me feel like I wasn’t sweating.  I find it hard to put into words, but here is my attempt: the clothes were extremely damp during my workout but I felt like none of that dampness was touching my body.  I don’t know if that made any sense to you, but it does to me! You’ll just have to try it out for yourself to understand!

I enjoy the Pommello Sweats.  They didn’t pay me to say any of this and it’s my honest opinion. It has a super comfortable feel when I’m working out in it.  I can feel the extra heat it generates when wearing it.  Although I can’t explain to you all the extra science mumbo jumbo behind why its beneficial to sweat more, I can say in my own experience, the more I sweat during a workout the more I know I killed that workout! If you are looking to sweat when you workout, get the Pommello sweats.  If not, then its not for you…

pushups pommello sweats fittwotravel.com

You can see us workout in this product here

Sweating is good for the body

Calvin makes a good point, which we think everyone can benefit from. He says “Through the natural power of sweating, we can claim our health back”. Even if you are not a natural at sweating, Pommello can help you get your sweat on. Whatever your favorite fitness activity is, Pommello sweats will benefit you!

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Disclaimer: Pommello sent us these clothes to try, but we would never lie to you. As always, all opinions are our own.

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