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After traveling around Japan for 12 days, we wanted our last night in Tokyo to be relaxing. There are so many great hotels in Tokyo, that its really hard to choose which is the best for you. Lets face it, staying in Tokyo can be expensive, but Shiba Park Hotel is a great 4 star hotel very reasonably priced! Shiba Park Hotel is completely focused on making sure the guests are relaxed and able to experience the Japanese culture. Here’s more details on our stay at the hotel.

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Shiba Park Hotel is located in a quiet area, close to the Tokyo Tower and Zojoji Temple. Its easy to walk to attractions nearby, plus the subway and train stations are a quick walk. If you have a JR pass, the JR line station is an 8 minute walk from the hotel. There is a park nearby. Lots of great food options nearby, and a family mart across the street.

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Most hotel rooms in Tokyo can be very small. We were pleasantly surprised to walk into the room at Shiba Park Hotel, as it was very spacious.  Our room even had a door to separate the bedroom and the bathroom. We had a nice big, and comfortable, king bed, and a enough room for a little table for the two of us.

There are two buildings at the hotel, with a total of 269 rooms. The 151 buliding opeend in August 2016, with 70 new rooms. The guest rooms in this building are relaxing and add a bit of Japanese culture in the decoration. Every room in the new building is quiped with separate bathrooms and toilets, and deep bathtub, to provide a relaxing and luxurious bath.

The annex building has 199 total room with a variety of room types that will cater to all needs, from business stays to family vacations. With room types accomodating up to four people, this makes it a great choice for families to stay in.

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Japanese Cultural Experience

One of the best parts about the Shiba park Hotel, is the emphasis on guests experience the true Japanese culture. Every day at the hotel, there are different programs to experience the Japanese cutlrue. Some of the programs include origami, calligraphy, sushi-making, sake tasting, and more.  There is a list in the lobby, and everything happens on the second floor.  The sakura salon is a great place to experiene Japanese culture, lifesttyle and entertainment during your stay.  We weren’t able to make it any of the experiences while we were there, but they sent us home with an origami set to practice!

Other Amenities

There are plenty of food items available at Shiba Park Hotel. There are four diffferent restaturnats available to the guests at the hotel, including Chinese, Japanese, a grill house, and a bar. There is a breakfast buffet option, with lots of different western and Japanese options, for an additional JPY 2732 ($25 USD).

The rooms come equipped with rooms and slippers, and all the toiletries you could ever need. The hotel has wifi and AC in all the rooms.

Shiba Park Hotel is a luxurious and relaxing hotel in downtown Tokyo. Its only a few minutes from Tokyo Tower and the train station. If youre looking for a great hotel and want to experience some Japanese culture, Shiba Park Hotel is the best place to stay in Tokyo fittwotravel.com

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Final Thoughts

We were so sad that we only planned for one night here at Shiba Park Hotel. This hotel was the absolute perfect ending to a great time in Japan. It was relaxing and the staff were all so friendly and accomodating. When we come back to Tokyo, we will definitely be back to Shiba Park Hotel for more nights. We could not of had a better ending to our trip!

Thanks to Shiba Park Hotel for hosting us! As always, our opinion is our own.

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  1. Oh wow Japan! Its my dream to visit Japan. I love their culture and from what i’ve read and watched online, you will never run out of something to go to in Japan. Love the hotel! Going to Japan, experiencing their culture is the number 1 priority and the hotel really shows it.

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