Best Things to do in Dubai for Couples

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Written by Neha Singh

Dubai is the ultimate playground for couples. Whether you seek adrenaline-rushing experiences, romance, or adventures of the palate, you’ll find it in Dubai. Ignite your love for each other to full blast in Dubai’s Miracle Garden, surrounded by the fragrance of millions of exotic blooms. Zip through the Dubai Marina zipline side by side, screaming in the sheer adrenaline-fuelled high of it. Or, take a romantic ride on a couples only balloon ride high over the Dubai desert. There’s no limit of the things you can do in Dubai and feel rejuvenated and renewed as a couple. Here are the best things to do in Dubai for couples.

Best Things to do in Dubai for Couples

A Romantic Hot Air Balloon Ride

Wouldn’t it be the height of romance to soar on top of the world, just you and your special one, in a hot air balloon? Yes it would. Sign up for a couples special hot air balloon ride and fly over the Dubai desert just before sunrise. Hold hands as you gaze towards the east as the most blissful sunrise you’ve ever seen breaks over the horizon, flooding the desert dunes, wadis and lush oasis with oranges and golds. You’ll never want to step back on to the ground – you’ll feel totally at home with each other in the basket, hundreds of feet above the earth, floating like a couple of wisps in the wind.

things to do in Dubai for couples Hot Air Balloon Ride

A Private Desert Safari – Just For The Two Of You

Organize a special private desert safari just for the two of you. It’ll be a fun, learning experience and the two of you will enjoy getting to know the desert and each other. Go dune bashing and sand boarding together, the ride the same camel over the undulating dunes. Enjoy a private in-tent belly dance performance as you lounge on the same silk cushions, sharing a shisha pipe between you.

things to do in Dubai for couples Desert Safari Dubai

Zipping Down Dubai’s Xline Dubai Marina – Side By Side

Dubai’s Xline Dubai Marina is twice as long and has twice the number of lines and lasts twice as long as the Xline over Dubai Fountain. This means you get to enjoy twice the time and twice the thrill. Dubai’s Xline is the longest urban zipline in the world!  Feel like superheroes as you have a go at the world’s longest urban zipline together. Enjoy the expression of thrill and excitement on each other’s faces as you zip from the Amwaj Towers across the marina all the way to the Dubai Marina Mall. Look down and marvel at the architecture of the Princess Tower and Cayan Tower on your way down. After flying over land and water at 80km/h, you’ll be ready to tackle anything as a couple.

things to do in Dubai for couples Zipline Dubai

A Stroll Through Dubai Miracle Garden

Hold hands and stroll through the Guinness record holder, Dubai Miracle Garden’s beautiful cobbled lanes. Marvel at the incredible display of exotic blooms all around you, and breathe in their fragrance. Admire the incredible Airbus 380 that’s made entirely out of flowers, and the various global landmarks built out of flowering plants. Walk through the many heart-shaped flowering arches and pathways and discover blooms you never knew existed.

things to do in Dubai for couples Dubai Miracle Garden

A Cozy Picnic In A Park

Dubai is a desert but it’s so easy to forget this fact, given the sheer number of lush, verdant parks in the city. Spend some leisure time with each other at one of Dubai’s many fantastic parks. Cycle together at the Al Barsha Pond Park, or play a game of tennis or basketball there. This park has a large lake in the middle, perfect for an evening stroll or some boating. Creek Park, Mamzar Beach Park, Zabeel Park and Mushrif Park allow you to have a barbecue picnic. Plus, Zabeel Park has a lovely lake which begs you to go paddle boating with your love. A picnic in the park is a great way to have a cheap date in Dubai.

things to do in Dubai for couples Zabeel Park

Enjoy A Decadent Couples Pampering Day

Take a break from your busy lives and enjoy a relaxing massage with your partner. Dubai has any number of excellent spas that offer special couples packages. Check out the full-day pampering spa package at Talise Ottoman Spa, which even offers gold-leaf facials.  Decide whether you want a Swedish massage, a Thai massage, a Balinese massage. Enjoy hot stone and aromatherapy treatments. The idea is to enjoy a rejuvenating experience and enjoy a sense of aliveness and joy together. A couples massage is the perfect way to spend relaxing together in Dubai.

things to do in Dubai for couples Couples Massage Dubai

Do Some Couples Retail Therapy

Don’t discount the power of couples’ retail therapy to bring you closer! As long as you aren’t draining just one person’s account, you’ll be fine. Spend a leisurely day at the magnificent Dubai Mall, exploring the 1200 plus retail outlets. When you want a break, explore the underwater zoo and aquarium at the mall, or skate around on the ice rink. Explore the world’s largest candy store and pick up something sweet for each other. Explore other malls as well, such as the Mall of the Emirates, which houses Ski Dubai, the largest indoor skiing facility in the UAE.

things to do in Dubai for couples Couples Massage Dubai

A Date Night At The Dubai Opera

A date night at the Dubai opera is one of the best things do in dubai at night. You could never go wrong with a classic date night at the Dubai Opera. Dress up in your finest clothes and attend a fabulous show at the Dubai Opera. Choose from one of the many shows – musicals, ballets, operatic performances, dramas, orchestras and more. Dubai Opera is a magnificent, prow-shaped building with the most glamourous décor. Located as it is in Downtown Dubai close to Dubai Mall and Burj Khalifa, you’ll find plenty of excellent dining opportunities nearby. At the end of your evening, walk on the Burj Khalifa Boulevard, enjoying a wonderful view of the Dubai Fountains. Burj Khalifa Dubai will stagger you with its indescribable height, its majesty, and the millions of rainbows glittering off of its dark windows.

things to do in Dubai for couples Dubai Opera

Play A Multiplayer Game At Virtual Reality Park Together

When in Dubai, you have a number of interesting ways to celebrate your coupledom. Want to take a hot air balloon ride without moving from your seat? Now you can, at the new VR Park in Dubai Mall. Be transported up into the sky, looking down on the world, exploring magical lands and amazing views together. Board a virtual bus and continue your travels through the world’s cities, enjoying a virtual but very real travel experience. Rescue each other from a deadly swamp in The Raft. It’s virtual reality to the rescue with cool experiences on a hot day when you don’t want to be out in the sun.

things to do in Dubai for couples VR Park Dubai

Chill Out At The Chillout Lounge

One of the coolest things to do in Dubai for couples is shivering together in ecstasy. Yes, you heard us – shivering in the desert. Let the sun outside blaze at 48 degrees Celsius; what does it matter when you’re all wrapped up in fleece coats and mufflers and holding hands with the person who matters most to you in the world. The Chillout Lounge is an ice-kingdom – everything is made out of ice here. Tables, chairs, dishes – you name it – except the food. Feed each other exotic hot drinks and feed each other titbits of exotic food, shivering together and laughing all the way. Cozy up together for a romantic date night. What a fun thing to do with someone you love!

things to do in Dubai for couples Chillout Lounge Dubai

Dubai is a chilled out destination, the perfect place for couples to find any number of opportunities for shared experiences. Explore the city’s cool hotspots together and find more delightful things to do as a couple. Have you explored the city’s art scene at Alserkal Avenue? Have you been to the top of the Dubai Frame yet, to check out the view from the glass bridge? Make a list of all the fun things you can do in Dubai for couples and you’ll never want to leave the city!


Have you visited Dubai? What else should we add to the list of things to do in Dubai for couples?

An avid trekker, explorer and a true foodie; Neha finds happiness in small endeavours of life and loves to pen them down as a cherished memory. A firm believer that “we have just one life to live and so much to do”, Neha lives every moment to the fullest. Neha writes about Dubai at Follow her on Facebook and Twitter also.

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