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  1. I find that I actually am way more in shape when I travel even though I never hit the gym or go on runs. I walk everywhere and make sure to be active (eg hiking, bike tours, swimming on beach vacations). Traveling is the best way to be in shape for people like me who just can’t ever find the motivation to go to the gym or build up a consistent exercise regimen!

  2. I am really good about drinking water at home, but when I am out and about traveling not so much. I should carry a water bottle but I always feel like I have so much other stuff…..I guess I just need to make it more of a priority.

  3. We are actually more active on vacation! Away from work stress and sitting all day, while on vacation we hike, swim, and explore. Other than cruise ship vacations, we usually come back at least a few pounds lighter!

  4. Aww man, I fail at pretty much ever aspect of this list. I definitely don’t sleep, Eat like a horse, and definitely have no plan. Luckily I stay active with hikes and exploring, and I don’t drink much since I’m usually too tired at the end of the day to even think about it 🙂 Great tips, if I slow down, I’ll try to follow them!

  5. Thanks for the article! I like to do workout videos that don’t require any equipment. My hotel rooms usually have enough space to do them and I don’t have to worry about the hotel gym having proper equipment. I’ve even used water bottles are make shift hand weights.

  6. We always walk as much as we can, do morning yoga & meditation, lots of water and recently have really enjoyed eco-friendly adventure tours! Some great suggestions for keeping fit, thanks! Rob 🙂

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