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  1. This looks amazing! The views in your pictures are fantastic. I love that there is a pool, drinks and great views. What a way to relax!!

  2. I don’t drink, but I would love to visit some of these rooftop bars to catch a great view! I agree with not wanting to jump in line for the Acropolis in the late afternoon! What a nightmare it would have been!

  3. I was in Athens a couple of weeks ago. I wish I had read this sooner, although with the Athens’s heat, any kind of bar was good for us.. I’ll just have to plan another trip!

  4. I am sure the food and drinks at these bars are great. But the views are even more stunning. When I travel to greece, I will refer back to your post and will visit some of these.

  5. Is there anything better than a rooftop bar with an amazing view? I love the places you’ve listed here, and can’t wait to visit them the next time I’m in Athens!

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