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It was tough to leave our All Inclusive Resort where we were waited on hand and foot with no additional charge, but we had to see what all of Jamaica had to offer us.  We decided to do a few excursions and the first one on the list was a catamaran trip along Montego Bay. 

jamaican catamaran Fit Two Travel

My wife is quite the planner and researcher when it comes to everything, especially on all of our vacations.  So we had booked this trip in advance, and we were supposed to get a discount for doing so.  But I will inform you of our nightmarish situation when it came time to pay for entrance for the catamaran. Besides this little mix up in the beginning, the trip was definitely worth it! We had reserved 20 spots on the catamaran, and had to pay an upfront fee of 10 percent for reserving all of those spots.  But we knew in advance that we might not have all 20 spots filled because not everyone in our party was going to want to go on the trip, as it was roughly 75 dollars a ticket, and we had our respective bachelor and bachelorette parties the night before.  Lets just say 4-5 of our wedding party weren’t able to get out of bed that morning.  Anticipating this, we made sure to contact the company and make sure that we would be able to subtract people from our reservation without any penalty and we had it in written response that would be okay.  But once we arrived, they wanted us to collect all the money and pay for our party of 16 all at once, by cash.  You can imagine how hectic this could be, and some people had Jamaican currency also which made things even more difficult.  We collected all of the money and handed it to the cashier and then they gave us the go-ahead. Halfway through the boat ride we were contacted by the cashier saying that we were 100 dollars short, which was impossible because we collected 75 bucks from everyone and watched her count it.  We assume they didn’t count the deposit that we put down to reserve the spot, but after arguing with them and speaking to their manager, they would not resolve the problem and we just left it alone. Moral of this story is beware if you are going on an exercursion to have exact change, and not let people pull one on you.

Anyway it was about a 4-5 hour trip and well worth the money, The first thing we did on the trip was they took us deep out into the caribbean to a reef for about 45-60 minutes of snorkeling.

Jamaican catamaran snorkeling Fit Two Travel

After the snorkeling we were cruising the bay for about 45 minutes until they took us to the famous Margaritaville. While on the boat they had red-stripe, the famous Jamaican beer, and Jamaican Rum Punch, which my mouth is watering just thinking about that delicious cocktail!

Jamaican catamaran Fit Two Travel
Jamaican catamaran Fit Two Travel

Margaritaville was our next stop and was located right on the water, and had several levels.  We didn’t get any drinks there, because again its hard to pay for drinks, when your boat provides free drinks, and you are coming from a resort where you don’t have to pay for the drinks.  But, of course Tarah and I were forced to take shots, courtesy of her father, who informed the house DJ that we were getting married the next day. I must mention that I wasn’t feeling too hot after 45 minutes of snorkeling and being a little hung over, and add in a little monition sickness. Lets just say, several members of our party weren’t able to keep our breakfast down after spending some time in the rocky ocean.  But at this point, I was starting to catch my second wind, and theres no turning down a free shot in honor of our upcoming nuptials!

[wpvideo 7ZoIa46J] [wpvideo EZbIJfwL]

(And yes that is my father in law cheering in the background)

Jamaican catamaran Fit Two Travel
Jamaican catamaran Fit Two Travel
jamaican catamaran Fit Two Travel

After roughly an hour or so replenishing our fuel and fluids at Margaritaville, we cruised on back to the dock.  We had a great time despite the entrance fee mix-up and some sea sickness. Lots of memories created, and I’m glad most of us were able to climb out of bed that morning and make the trip!

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  1. What a great way to take a break from the train and travel by boat. There would be no other easy way to see the small towns and old castles along the way and be in love with the amazing views along the way.

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