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Bahia Del Sol Nicaragua Front

We were able to stay in what we like to think of as a palace for a whole week! We rented out a villa at ‘Bahia Del Sol’ that sits just 5 minutes walking to the beach and 10 minutes to the center of town. The villas consisted of 8 different units, all roughly 2300 sq ft. We cant speak for all units, but the one we stayed in had a magnificent view! From the layout of all the units it looks like most of them have amazing views.

Bahia Del Sol Morning View
The villas are extremely spacious and come equipped with everything that you need. They are set up like a town home, with a huge living area, giant dinning room table, and a big kitchen downstairs. There is a half bath on the first floor and a laundry room that is locked and only accessible for the chamber maid. However, you are able to access this room for a 24 hour period for a small fee of 15 dollars, if you please. The fridge comes stocked with refreshments both alcoholic and non alcoholic for a a fee, but don’t worry the prices won’t gouge your wallet like the hotel minibars in most 5 star hotels. The villas provide an amazing service of pre-stocking your fridge with groceries if you please, just let them know in advance and they will take care of it for you. They also provide free bottled water service which is a big help because staying hydrated is key when you are that close to the equator.

Bahia Del Sol Living Room

Bahia Del Sol Living Room Wide
The upstairs of the Villa consist of 3 bedrooms and 2 full baths:

1 room with 2 twin beds

Bahia Del Sol Bedroom Twin

1 with a queen

Bahia Del Sol Bedroom Queen

 The master bedroom with a king size bed!

Bahia Del Sol Master King Bed

It gets even better! The master bed room is huge with lots of storage space and an extra big bathroom. But the best part of the whole room was the walk out balcony, with a view that can only be described by seeing it for yourself, but until you do that, heres a picture for you to drool over…
Bahia Del Sol Balcony View
It is so peaceful and relaxing to enjoy the sunset and sunrise with this balcony, you must experience it yourself. Not to mention the proximity and view of the Jesus statue.

Bahia Del Sol Sunset 1

I mentioned earlier the full service kitchen which contain all the pots and pans you need to prepare amazing meals. They also have a BBQ grill at your disposal. Having all of this was awesome for us for two reasons: 1) we had Tip’s parents with us who are amazing cooks, and 2) this helped us save so much $ because we did not have to eat out every meal.

Again we had the option of having the concierge pick us up our groceries or having them call us a taxi to take us to the “Pali’ which is the local super market that is roughly a 5-10 minute taxi ride. But don’t imagine yourself walking into a store like Costco, its a store that is the size of a 7-11 and everyone in town seems to be shopping there the same time. The taxi ride there is roughly 15 dollars round trip, and they will wait for you as long as it takes. We must have been in the store for an hour because we were stocking up for several days and it was tough to maneuver between all the crowds. Mind you we did go around 5pm which was right before dinner time and super busy. The pali almost had everything we were looking for. The vegetables and meat there were so fresh. And everything is so cheap! I wish we would have written down some prices to reference for you, but you must take our word for it that it was cheap. We also loaded up on tonas, which is the local beer, and Flor De Cana which is the local rum that is absolutely delicious and inexpensive! You must get the aged years 7 or later, the older the better!

Once we got all of our groceries we were set for a few days, but a quick note they do not sell charcoal at the pali so you must inform your taxi driver to take you to another store to buy it which is known as ‘carbon’ if you don’t know. Once we got the charcoal we were all set to BBQ! We must have BBQ’d almost every night and it was delicious. Don’t get us wrong we enjoy eating the local food, but we don’t find it necessary to eat out every meal if we have fresh food and a full kitchen to use.

the place you must stay in nicaragua

BBQ Chicken

The office staff at Bahia Del Sol was excellent in organizing excursions. For both our surfing and zip-lining excursions, we were able to talk to the office staff and they set everything up. We were very satisfied with both companies that they worked with for this, and it was way easier for us because transportation was included in both!

When we weren’t eating, sleeping, or exploring SJDS, we were usually relaxing by the awesome pool. The pool has an amazing view and is kept at a great temp. It is just so calm and peaceful when you are surrounded by the amazing view.

Bahia Del Sol Pool

The last part of this blog will be spent on our little friend we named Rosie.

You will see a number of stray dogs in Nicaragua, and we found one that stole our hearts. If you are a dog lover you should probably stop reading right now. She melted our hearts with her sweet innocence and we wanted to take her home with us. We thought she was a stray, but it turns out she did have an owner, she just wanted more food and love from us!

Puppy Dog Face
That first night in our villa Rosie must have smelt the amazing bbq we had cooking and came running. She was respectful and kept her distance but fortunately for her Tarah was missing our dog, Tsunami. We fed her our left overs and provided her with a bowl with water. And sure enough she came back every night. She was one smart cookie because one night we told her to come back in the morning, and that very next morning she came back as we were getting up.
One day we took a short walk to the beach and she followed us all the way there as if she was our dog. As it got late she was running around and playing with another dog and we decided to take a taxi back home.

the place you must stay in nicaragua

Mans Best Friend

Puppy Face

Sure enough on our way home we saw her walking down the dirt road headed back to our Villa. When she came back we gave her a big meal and she was the happiest dog ever. On our last morning in SJDS she came back, and as we loaded up and said our goodbyes, she walked to the end of the street and laid down as to say “I know you are leaving, but you will have to drive around me…” She was our adopted pet for the week.

As we were leaving we talked to the manager of Bahia Del Sol and she informed us of Rosie’s story, and how many guests in the past had also had their hearts stolen by her and wanted to take her home but the owner refused. Then she also informed us that Rosie was pregnant! When we heard that our hearts dropped even more and were so happy that we fed her so much so she could feed her puppies! This sweet little girl will always have a special place in our hearts and we hope that she has a long healthy life. Hopefully we will be back down there soon to reunite with her…

Rosie the Dog

That is our full review of the Bahia Del Sol Villas & Condos. There are plenty of places to stay in SJDS Nicaragua, especially since there is so much development going on down there. We can say in full confidence that Bahia Del Sol should be the place that you should stay.  Once again, if you are visiting San Juan Del Sur, Bahia Del Sol is the place you must stay in Nicaragua. They give you the royal treatment for a very low price.  The staff is very professional and friendly and they are there to please you. They also provide you with an extra sense of security so you can rest easy, as they have a security guard on duty throughout the night. If you don’t speak Spanish, no need to worry, the concierge speaks english.  If you get a chance to meet the property manager, Gladis, she is an amazing person and very friendly. We hope you enjoyed this post and will some day visit San Juan Del Sur Nicaragua.

Send us an email to find how to receive 30-40% off of your entire stay at Bahia Del Sol! Or if you have any questions about planning a trip to SJDS.

More pictures from our dinners:

Nicaragua Fresh Shrimp

Cooked SHrimp

Fresh Fish

Cooked Fish

Bahia Del Sol Family Dinner

Bahia Del Sol View with Parents

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The Place you MUST stay in Nicaragua! Hotel Review: Bahia Del Sol Villas San Juan Del Sur
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