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This a 3 day strength workout, with an additional day of a quick cardio workout. Everything can be modified, so if you need any help or any movement gives you trouble or pain, let me know and we can modify things.

These are supersets. The workout should be performed as A1 then immediately do A2. Rest, if needed, then repeat back through 3 times. Then proceed to the B and C supersets.

This requires no equipment! All you will need is a chair/couch, a step, 2 cans of water or 2 bottles/jugs of water, and a towel)

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When you download the PDF, you’ll be able to click on the exercises and go directly to a video of the exercise. If you don’t know what an exercise is, we recommend you download the file.

**if you have dumbbells at home, let me know and we can definitely modify the workout to add the weights in**

DAY 1 Total Body

A1. bodyweight squat x10-12 reps
A2. push-ups (use chair or couch to elevate) x10

B1. rear foot elevated lunge x10 (put your back foot on a chair or couch)
B2. lateral raise x10-12 (use 2 cans of food or bottles of water

C1. towel leg curl x10
C2. shoulder tap planks x20

Day 2 Total Body

A1. one-leg squat (use a chair or couch behind you) x8-10 reps
A2. chair dips x8-10 reps

B1. forward lunge x8/each
B2. close grip pushups (on your knees if difficult) x8-10

C1. glute bridge x15
C2. mountain climbers x20 total

Day 3 Total Body

A1. one-leg toe touch x10/each side
A2. bicep curl x10-12 (use 2 cans/bottled water)

B1. step-up (use the first step) x10/each leg
B2. overhead tricep extension x12 (use cans or bottled water overhead)

C1.supermans x15
C2.wall-sit x:30-:60 (or hold the bottom of air squat)

Day 4: Quick cardio workout

Perform 3 rounds as fast as possible. There is NO designated rest period, but rest when you need it. Try to beat your time each week.

A1. mountain climbers x20
A2. bodyweight squats x20
A3. inchworm walk-outs x10
A4. jumping jacks x20 (modified version- tap one leg out at a time)


  1. Hi, thanks for these tips. I personally find it hard to keep fit because I couldn’t visit my favorite gym during the lockdown. I started putting up my gym together at home and that has been my saving grace. This information you shared will be an added one for me for effective cardio. Thanks.

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