9 Free Fitness Apps To Use When Traveling

Traveling can make staying on a consistent workout routine challenging. But it doesn’t have to be. It all comes down to having a plan and being committed. There are lots of good apps out there that will guide you through a workout. Most of them don’t even take much of your time! Here are some of our favorite FREE fitness apps that we use to help keep us healthy and in shape when we are traveling.

The best free fitness apps to use when you are on the road or traveling fittwotravel.com

PactPact is an app that pays you if you make your fitness goals! You chose to make a healthy “pact”, whether its exercising or diet. When you sign up, you decide how much money is on the line. For each day that you miss, the money will be deducted.  If you reach or exceed your goals, you earn cash! If you don’t, you have to pay up. The pot is communal, and there are a lot of slackers out there pouring money into it. Adding some money always seems to motivate people!

Charity Miles A walking, running, biking app that tracks how many miles you’ve covered during your workout. For every mile you move, money is donating to a charity of your choice. Earn money for charities every time you run, walk, or bike using the app.

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Map my Fitness– This app allows you track and map every workout. You can manually enter your exercise or use the phones GPS to record a run, walk, or bike ride. With over 600 different activities, there is variety for everyone. Map my fitness saves pace, distance, and calories burned data. Using the route function, you can find nearby places to walk, run or ride, and save your favorite path for future use.

Map my fitness apps
fitstar workout app

FitStar– The Fitstar app helps you build your own workout plan. Plenty of exercises that use just your own bodyweight so it’s perfect in your own hotel room. On your first time using the app, the app will take you through a quick fitness test. Based on your results and your feedback of the exercises, the app creates the workouts for you, making your strong areas more intense than the normal user. You can easily see how long each workout will last and preview what exercises are in each workout before starting. The workouts vary on time, so even if you only have 7 minutes available you can get a workout in. There is a premium option in order to get more workouts.

Skimbles Workout Trainer– Its like your own personal trainer on your phone. Thousands of free workouts are available by real-life personal trainers. There are built in workouts you can choose from, or you can make your own based on the exercises in the library. The trainer provides step by step instruction and motivation to get you through the workout.

Sworkit– All workouts are based on your own bodyweight, so you don’t need any equipment while traveling.  Chose between yoga, cardio, strength training, or simply stretching, then choose your advancement level. Once you pick your workout program, adjust how much time you have and the app will adjust the program for you. Perfect when you are short on time but still want a quick workout. Each workout is different so you don’t get bored. Because the workouts are random, there may be a patch of tough exercises all together.

Nike+ Training Club– Workouts designed by professional athletes and celebrities, focusing on strength, endurance, and mobility. With added audio, you don’t have to keep looking at the screen. The app allows you to track your progress as it keeps track of total workouts, minutes and calories burned. Target anybody part you want with a wide variety of workout levels.

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LoseItFitness isnt just about exercising but also the food. This free website and app is designed for tracking calories and exercise.  A calorie counter, recipe builder, and exercise planner all in one. It has a huge database of food and restaurants. Its easy to enter a food just by scanning the bar code. You can set alerts to remind you to log your food for the day. LoseIt is compatible with a long list of other fitness apps including the Fitbit and Apple Watch.

My Water Balance– Everyone needs to drink more water regularly. We require water for almost every function within our bodies. My water helps you keep track of your daily intake and reminds you when its time for another drink. Includes a water requirement calculator, based on your weight and activity level, reminders, and motivational awards to keep drinking water!

my water fitness apps

These are only a few of the thousand different fitness apps out there. Play around with different ones and see what you like. All it takes is a few minutes every couple of days to keep your fitness going. 

What fitness apps do you use when traveling? 



  1. Ooh, these look good – exercise is something I can often neglect while on the road. As a keen supporter of charity (I volunteer a lot when overseas), the Charity Miles app looks like it could be the one for me. Walking, running and biking are the forms of exercise I probably do the most 🙂

  2. right now i just use a tabata timer and youtube, lol. pact sounds like a great premise, might have to try that!

  3. Nice list of apps – interesting to see apps that provide some financial ‘incentives’ for hitting targets. A little extra motivation never hurts!

  4. Going to download the Charity Miles App, just love the idea of money going to charity whenever we bike, hike , run a mile. Pact is also a great app, imagine losing money when you don’t exercise and earning money when you do. When you sign up for these apps, it shows you really take your fitness seriously which is an positive thing. Nice Post!!

  5. Ok so part of my 2018 resolution is to finally travel for one of our long trips without coming back a million pounds heavier and thus I am researching apps. I dont really care about the challenge apps, but which of the two you listed: FitStar or Skimbles would you recommend for training. I would need the best one for a good daily routine that goes with or most likely without a GYM!

  6. The only actual fitness app I’ve used has been the one for my Fitbit lol. BUT I’ve used a few walking tour apps (I like Sidewalk guide best) to make sure that I’m walking as much as possible!

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