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  1. Ooh, these look good – exercise is something I can often neglect while on the road. As a keen supporter of charity (I volunteer a lot when overseas), the Charity Miles app looks like it could be the one for me. Walking, running and biking are the forms of exercise I probably do the most 🙂

  2. right now i just use a tabata timer and youtube, lol. pact sounds like a great premise, might have to try that!

  3. Nice list of apps – interesting to see apps that provide some financial ‘incentives’ for hitting targets. A little extra motivation never hurts!

  4. Going to download the Charity Miles App, just love the idea of money going to charity whenever we bike, hike , run a mile. Pact is also a great app, imagine losing money when you don’t exercise and earning money when you do. When you sign up for these apps, it shows you really take your fitness seriously which is an positive thing. Nice Post!!

  5. Ok so part of my 2018 resolution is to finally travel for one of our long trips without coming back a million pounds heavier and thus I am researching apps. I dont really care about the challenge apps, but which of the two you listed: FitStar or Skimbles would you recommend for training. I would need the best one for a good daily routine that goes with or most likely without a GYM!

  6. The only actual fitness app I’ve used has been the one for my Fitbit lol. BUT I’ve used a few walking tour apps (I like Sidewalk guide best) to make sure that I’m walking as much as possible!

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