Flying In the Sky: Da’ Flying Frog Zip-line Tour

We have heard some of the best views while zip-lining are in Central America. Once we booked our trip to Costa Rica and Nicaragua, we knew we had to find a place to try zip-lining. There are plenty of places that have zip-line tours. It wasn’t until we were looking for things to do in San Juan Del Sur, and we passed by Da’ Flying Frog Adventures multiple times on our way to and from town. After a little more research we decided this was where we wanted to go! Luckily our villa, Bahia Del Sol, was so helpful, they called Da’ Flying Frog and got us all set up.  We called the day before and we instantly had plans for a zip-line adventure the next morning. There was no turning back now!

zip-line view nicaragua

Now we knew we would high in the sky, but we had to idea how far up in the sky we would be! The tallest cable is 70 meters (225 feet) off the ground! That’s a long way down! While Tip is slightly afraid of heights (even though I have been pushing encouraging him to get out of his comfort zone) we both made it through the course without any panic attacks! 

Da’ Flying Frog zip-line has 17 total platforms covering over 2.5 kilometers (1.5 miles) of land.

The longest line is 330 meters (over 1000 feet)! While you are flying from tree to tree it’s a great place to spot birds, monkeys and sloths, since it’s on a farm away from the city. Unfortunately because we went later in the day, we didn’t see any, so if you are wanting to see some wildlife, we recommend going early in the day while it’s still cool.

da flying frog zip-line
san juan del sur zipline flying frog

Once the car drops you off at the farm, they help you put all the gear on and get a helmet strapped on. You can hang around the front, where they have refreshments and some snacks while you wait for the rest of the people in the party. Once everyone is ready (there were 5 total guests plus 2 tour guides), you get into a 4×4 truck and they drive you to the top of what seems like a mountain. Once you get out, the view is just gorgeous!  You can see the whole San Juan Del Sur Bay! You ALMOST forget that you are about to be flying 50+ meters off the ground! They give you a quick overview of how it works, including how to brake with your hand, and then we are set to take off!  It looks easy, but soon they strap you in to the line and tell you to go and you’re in the air just like that! You start off with some “beginner” lines, that are shorter and close to the ground. As you reach each platform, the lines get longer and taller. Before you even realize it you are now flying way above the ground! They take you through some great greenery with some gorgeous views of the bay! With 2 guides, it was very fast paced, there was hardly any waiting around, except to take in the great views from the platforms.

zip-line nicaragua view
The view at the beginning of the zip lining tour
flying frog zip-line

We wish we would have taken our camera but we only had our GoPro. Tip had our GoPro attached to our helmet the whole time and got some great footage. Unfortunately, the very next day was the day we lost our GoPro for good (without backing up our zip-line footage)-which means we only have ONE video of the zip lining. I guess it’s just another reason to go again soon!

zip-line nicaragua

Our tour guides were incredibly helpful and friendly throughout our tour! They were super fun to be around! We had a blast at the Da’ Flying Frog zip-line tour and recommend it to anyone who is visiting San Juan Del Sur! Awesome views, great guides, and fun cables!

zipline san juan de sur


Price-$30/person including roundtrip transportation

Hours-Open 8am-4pm Monday-Saturday, zip-line tour takes about 2 hours. They also have horseback riding, rappelling a waterfall, and a Tarzan swing on their property.

What we wore-Athletic shorts, tank tops, tennis shoes

What to bring– Close-toed shoes, camera, mosquito repellant, sunscreen, water, and money to tip your guide or to buy drinks at the store

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zip-line san juan del sur

Have you had the guts to experience zip-lining before?! Tell us where you did it in the comments below!

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Zipline tour in San Juan Del Sur, Nicaragua. 16 cables over 2.5 kilometers makes for an adventurous day overlooking the bay. Definitely a must-do in Nicaragua


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  1. Zip lining seems to becoming very popular especially in countries with lots of tree’s forest, dare i say jungles. Great experience for thrill seekers

  2. I’ve done a few short ones in the US at ropes courses. I’d love to do this in a setting like this- going through such beautiful places from above looks amazing. Sorry to hear about losing the Go-Pro. It is so hard to back everything up each day- my worst fear of losing photos or film!

  3. I love zip lining! We took the kids for the first time when we were in Morocco last year, and it was such an experience. If we head to Nicaragua, we’re definitely signing up for a day’s adventure!

  4. This looks like so much fun. I’ve never done it before, but I really like the views you had from it and it seems like an ideal spot.

  5. Seems like you guys have had so much fun.You should try the zipline at Meherangarh Fort in Jodhpur. It is over the historic ruins and lakes. And is a complete round circuit.

  6. Looks so fun! I did my one and only zipline adventure in Costa Rica about 6 years ago and it was so epic that I figure all others would suffer by comparison. 😉 Looks like your experience was awesome!

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