Flying Air Rarotonga to Travel to Aitutaki

When visiting Rarotonga, a trip to Aitutaki is absolutely necessary. While Rarotonga has gorgeous waters and lots to do, Aitutaki is out of the world. Aitutaki is like you walked into a real life postcard, with crystal clear water, palm trees, and not a lot of people. It’s basically paradise! Aitutaki is only 22 meters around but its known for having the most beautiful lagoon in the world! Aitutaki is only a short flight from Rarotonga and it needs to be visited while in the Cook Islands. Even while on the plane you will have a great view of the beautiful lagoon down below. Once you arrive on the island of Aitutaki, prepare to be wowed. Air Rarotonga makes it easy to visit Aitutaki.

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Flying to Aitutaki with Air Rarotonga

Whether you want to visit Aitutaki for a day or a week, if you plan to visit Aitutaki, and you definitely should, you must book a flight through Air Rarotonga. There are up to 5 daily departures from Rarotonga to Aitutaki. The flight is a quick 45 minutes, so you’ll be at the beach in no time. The check in at Rarotonga airport and flight to Aitutaki is really easy. When you arrive in the Cook Islands, you’ll notice the laidback atmosphere, and the airport is no different. Even though it’s a short flight, you’ll be served beverages before landing. With a small plane, and only 3 seats in each row, you have a good chance of having a window seat. As you get closer to Aitutaki, make sure to check the beautiful views of the lagoon out the window.

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Day Trip to Aitutaki

Its possible to spend just a day trip to Aitutaki, but take it from us, you’ll want to spend more time there! If you don’t have any extra days to spend in Aitutaki but you still want to visit, Air Rarotonga has a special one day tour of Aituaki. The flight from Rarotonga to Atituaki begins at 8am. Once you arrive in AItutaki, you will be taken on a land tour around the island, immediately followed by a lagoon cruise with the Vaka Cruise. You’ll be out on the lagoon cruise from about 10am- 4pm before heading back to the airport, where you will arrive back on Rarotonga at 5:30pm. Included in the lagoon cruise is snorkeling equipment and towels, a barbecue lunch, coffee, water, and tea. While you are on the cruise you will visit some amazing islands including One Foot Island and Honeymoon Island. Once again, its hard to believe this is actually real!

AIr Rarotonga to Aitutaki day tour
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Things to do In Aitutaki

If you have the time, book a couple extra days on Aitutaki. It truly is paradise, and such a change from Rarotonga.  If you choose to stay in Aitutaki for a few days, make sure you book a lagoon cruise. Going out in the lagoon is such a beautiful experience. Just like the day tour with the Vaka Cruise, the lagoon cruise will take you to some unbelievable islands and sandbars, where you will feel like you’re in the middle of a “Survivor” show. AItutaki is the perfect spot for water sports, including snorkeling, paddle-boarding and fishing. While you’re on Aitutaki, don’t forget to go to an “island night” celebration, with a buffet, hula and fire dancers!

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Flights from Rarotonga

Air Rarotonga also flies to other locations in the Cook Islands. Another popular tour from Rarotonga is the Aitutaki and Atiu Island combo tour. Check out all the different flight selections Air Rarotonga can take you here. Prices to Aititaki can get expensive, so make sure you book as early as possibly for the chance at a great ticket price.

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Add Aitutaki to your list

The Cook Islands are a wonderful place for a honeymoon or romantic getaway. A visit to the lesser known and quieter island, Aitutaki, is even more romantic! It’s worth the price to truly experience paradise.  While it may seem a bit expensive at first, taking the flight from Rarotonga to Aitutaki with Air Rarotonga, was the highlight of our trip. Being above the lagoon looking down was phenomenal. It’s truly an unforgettable experience. Going to Aitutaki should not be missed when visiting!

If youre traveling to the Cook Islands, dont miss Aitutaki. Its easy to get from Rarotonga to Aitutaki with Air Rarotonga, and definitely worth it!

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We were a guest on Air Rarotonga, throughout our time on the Cook Islands. However, as always all opinions are our own.

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  1. Reading this you already have me checking out how much it would cost me to get there. I would love to go snorkeling there. Actually, I have a huge bucket list of places where I want to go snorkeling, Thailand and the Maldives also on it! A guy can but dream!

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