Cliff Jumping in Jamaica

Our last stop on our very adventurous day in Jamaica was none other than the world-famous Ricks Cafe in Negril, Jamaica.  It was strategically planned to make this the last stop because it is rumored to be one of the best places to watch the sunset in Jamaica and it did not disappoint. Ricks cafe is a major tourist attraction, similar to MargaritaVille, if you are not a fan of crowds I do not recommend going.  Also be prepared to pay a boatload for drinks.

 I must say, that we were spoiled because we had spent several days before this not paying for any drinks at our all-inclusive resort.

[wpvideo j3d4nTmM]

cliff jumping ricks cafe jamaica
cliff jumping ricks cafe jamaica

But what is really unique about Ricks Cafe, and what separates them from the rest, is that anyone can jump off the side of the restaurant into a cove of beautiful turquoise water, that you could see almost to the bottom.  There are various heights that people can jump from, from 10 meters stretching as far as over 100 feet.  If you youtube “Ricks cafe” you’ll see videos of experts climbing a tree and getting to the very highest part that they can jump from, it’s quite amazing to witness. We actually did not get to see someone do that because the tree was closed while we were there, but the spot that people were jumping from was high enough.  I would estimate the jump was somewhere around 50-75 feet!

cliff jumping ricks cafe jamaica

[wpvideo Wy2lHXXh]

[wpvideo wAQlGbTr]

[wpvideo 1lLpYROj]

There were 3 brave souls in our group that decided to make the plunge…

cliff jumping ricks cafe jamaica

For those of us who didn’t jump, we were rewarded with the consolation prize of watching an amazing sunset over the coast of Jamaica. Words cannot describe how magnificent the sunset actually was, good thing for all of our cameras…




[wpvideo 4YYoLBvu]

cliff jumping ricks cafe jamaica
cliff jumping ricks cafe jamaica

It was a perfect end to our amazing one day trip through the entire west side of Jamaica. I only wish that we had more days there so that we could explore the other side of Jamaica. More reason for us to make a trip back, which we intend on doing for one of our anniversaries…

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