The Best Portable Exercise Equipment for Travel

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Best Travel Workout Equipment

Staying fit while traveling can be challenging. Not only does travel through a wrench in how we feel, but it can also be hard if you don’t have a gym or exercise equipment with you. Now, we don’t think you need to pack your carry-on with dumbbells, we do have some tips on the best portable exercise equipment for traveling! Just by bringing a few, lightweight exercise equipment, you’ll be able to get a workout anywhere on the road. We Iike to bring just a few essentials for a good travel workout.

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Best Portable Cardio Equipment

Running Shoes

It’s important to have a good pair of running shoes when you travel. If you are planning on working out while traveling, or just want to hike or run. Make sure the shoes are lightweight and comfortable.


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Jump rope

Our number one piece of portable exerice equipment that we bring EVERYWHERE is a Jump Rope. A jumprope is so lightweight and a great cardio option. You don’t need to jump rope for long to get the great benefits and you can do it anywhere!

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Swimming goggles

If you like to swim, make sure to bring your swim goggles with you. Swimming is a highly effective cardio workout, and it’s easy to bring googles and swimsuit for a quick travel workout.

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Yoga mat

Having a yoga mat while you travel can be a great addition to travel workouts. Get a super lightweight Yoga Mat so it doesn’t fill up your carry-on bag. This yoga mat can be folded up small which makes it one of the best and lightest travel workout equipment you need.

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Download these fitness apps for workouts while you travel

Best Portable Resistance Training Equipment


TRX suspension trainer

The TRX suspension trainer is lightweight and can literally be taken anywhere. It has its own anchors, so you can anchor onto the door and workout anywhere. Not only is it portable, but there tons of exercises you can do with the suspension trainer.

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Resistance bands

Having some Resistance Exercise Bands makes it easy to workout on the road. The resistance bands add enough load to the exercises, with still being lightweight to travel with.


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Core sliders

While sliders definitely are not a must have in your travel bag, they are nice to have to make bodyweight exercises harder. Core sliders are simple and effective ways to challenge the body, including core exerices and different lunge variations.

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Monster bands

These big exercise resistance bands are great to adding to bodyweight exercises. You simply choose how much resistance you want, then can add them to different exercises like pushups, squats, overhead presses and more. These exercise bands are a great addition to any travel gym equipment.

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Dry bag dumbbell

The dry bag is made for weight training while traveling. This is one of the things you can pack for portable gym equipment anywhere you go. You simply fill it with sand or water for some weighted exercises. The bag fills up to 22 pounds if filled with water, or 36 pounds if filled with sand, but is super lightweight to pack into your luggage.


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The Empack

The first backpack designed to serve as a weight training pack. SImply fill the reservoir with water for added resistance and the emPack can be used as a portable workout equipment. The empack holds up to 4 reservoirs, each holding 15 pounds of water or 21 pounds of sand. The empack can also be used as a regular bag, including a laptop sleeve,  when not being used as a weighted travel pack.

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The best exercise equipment to travel with, including a quick workout routine & tips on the best gym travel equipment to pack

Travel workout tips

We understand it can be hard to get a workout in when you’re traveling, so here are some tips for staying fit while traveling:

  • You don’t need a ton of exercise equipment for a great workout. Using only a few things or just your body, you can get a great workout
  • Try to move as much as possible whereever you are- walk, bike, swim…while you are traveling for a great travel workout
  • Drink lots of water – this will help with any dehydration caused by traveling
  • Use steps or benches for things like step-ups, lunges, push-ups..
  • Get creative!
Looking for a quick workout? Try this bodyweight workout that is perfect for traveling 

Best workout clothes for travel

Make sure to pack some comfortabe workout clothes so you can get a workout in when you travel. Here are some of our favorite workout clothes for traveling:

Remember, working out while traveling doesn’t have to be long, or involve a lot of equipment. There are tons of portable gym equipment to bring with you so you can workout on the road. Lghtweight and portable exercise equipment is the best thing you can bring with you on your travels for a quick workout.

What other portable gym equipment do you bring with you when you travel? We’re always looking for new tips and ideas. 
Tip and Tarah of Fit Two Travel

Tip and Tarah of Fit Two Travel

Tip and Tarah are the founders of Fit Two Travel. Since getting married in 2013, they have traveled to 26 countries and 22 states together. They are true Oregonian natives, and love to explore the outdoors, enjoy the food and drink, and spend time with their 2 dogs. They help others plan their international and local trips.

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