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  1. This hotel is a real gem! Skylight in the shower, a firepit and a jar of coffee we’ve never heard of before. Wewill definately come to Bend for the experiense of staying at this cozy and beautiful hotel. Thank you for sharing.

    1. It was amazing! It definitely made us want to do some upgrades to our own home though! A skylight would be awesome! You won’t be disappointed with Wall Street or Bend!

  2. Um, this place is awesome! I have a friend who bought an old motel in Westport, WA and he’s be doing a 100% overhaul like this and it’s super cool. I love how hotels and lodging are changing!

  3. This is a super cute boutique hotel. I love all of the wood details. Being dog friendly is a bonus feature – we are always looking for that, as we like to bring ours along with us whenever we can.

  4. I really love the decor of the hotel! It seems so cozy and perfect for a weekend away. And I think it’s so sweet that they provided so many things for your dogs. You really did find a great hotel!

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