5 Reasons to Travel NOW!

People often ask us how and why we travel so much. We are not wealthy by any means, but we make a decent living. However, as we are traveling more and more, we have learned that traveling does not have to necessarily revolve around how much money you have. We have learned that traveling is a state of mind. Traveling is a passion and desire that many people have, it is just up to you to decide whether or not you want to act on those passions. When asked how we travel so much, the answer is simple, we just make it happen.

We have a ton of reasons why to travel but here’s our top 5 reasons as to why our passion and desire to travel is so strong.

dancing songkran Laos
Tip dancing during the Laos New Year
  1. Experiencing Different Cultures:

The way society is structured these days, especially here in the United States, we are generally all as a whole confined to our own way of life. We grow up living very structured and well planned out lives. From when we are young, it is instilled in us that we need to become educated so we can get a good job, work hard, and save up, so we can have a good life and set up for retirement. We have come to realize that that plan is completely backwards and not for us. Through our traveling adventures, we have discovered so much about ourselves and who we are. Traveling to different lands and implanting yourself into different cultures can really help shape us into the people we are and the people we will become. We believe that it is more impactful while we are young and have the best years of our lives ahead of us, instead of when we are older and waiting for father time to call our names. Through the 6 different countries we have visited in the last 3 years, we have learned so much from the locals and have adopted many philosophies. There is something so heart-warming about learning and embracing from other cultures around the world, like when we played with the kids at the children’s village, or when we got married in Laos.  Now that we know what experiencing different countries is like, we have a stronger desire to continue to do it. We want to continue to learn more about the beauty in other parts of the world. We’ve only scratched the surface on the countries we’d like to visit, but we won’t stop until we have seen them all.

praying at temple in Laos
5 reasons to travel Fit Two Travel
  1. No Obligations:

It is true, that it is easier for us to travel more often than others because we don’t have many obligations, besides caring for our dog, Tsunami. Besides that, we don’t have any children to consider when we are traveling. However, if that day were to come, we like to think that we would still travel us much as we do now. We would like to pass on our passion for traveling, to our children. We believe that if you start traveling with them while they are young, they are more likely to become good travelers. Also, if we ever need babysitters, that’s where the grandparents will come in handy. Even if our obligations change, we will find a way to continue our love for traveling and not let it get in our way.

  1. Food:

We love to eat! Generally, we are not afraid to try anything once (with the exception of few things). When you travel you get to experience all different types of cuisines.Our pallets are not too hard to please so there hasn’t been a country that we have been to yet that we haven’t enjoyed the food. Allowing yourself to be open-minded while visiting countries, including trying different foods, will allow you to get the full immersion of these cultures. Our favorite place when it comes to food has to be Thailand and Laos. We might be a little bias, seeing how Tip was born in Thailand and his family is from Laos, but who doesn’t enjoy pad thai or pho?! Having authentic Thai and Laos food from Tip’s relatives was an experience that we will never forget-our mouth’s water just thinking about it.

bowl of Pho Laos
bowl of Pho from Laos
Laos table of food
  1. Beaches:
Jamaica Beach
cocktails on the beach

When you think of vacation, what’s the first thing that usually pops in your head? For us, it’s usually warm weather, white sandy beaches, and fruity cocktails. This is especially true for us living in the Pacific Northwest. 
We generally see lots of rain throughout most of the year, so we are excited when we get to go somewhere to soak up some vitamin D. Not to say that we don’t enjoy going to countries that don’t have amazing beaches, but currently beach countries are very high on our wish lists. We are suckers for amazing sunsets, and have found that the best ones usually are seen over the horizon on a beach.

  1. Making Memories

Learning what makes you happy and doing what makes you happy is the best way to live a healthy and full life. For some people, having as much material things as possible makes them happy. To us, making amazing memories that we will never forget is what makes us happy. This is not only limited to when we travel but wherever we are in life. Traveling has created so many memories not only together as a couple, but also with people in different countries. These moments have changed how we now look at life. Enjoying every moment and breath that we are able to take on this earth is what we consider happiness.

Children's Village Laos

So what is the number one reason why we travel? That’s simple: To be able to look back at all the memories we’ve had, and to look forward to all the journeys we will have. To hang on to that feeling of wondering what adventure our next trip will bring us. It means even more when you are have someone you love by your side as you experience all of these journeys (good and bad) throughout life.

Cheers to all the great moments we’ve had and the future memories we will make.

You aren’t getting any younger, so go explore the world now!


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  1. Yes, I agree. I have made so many memories so far. I have been traveling over 5 years and when I started my babies are simply 2 week old and we live to travel and love every bit of it. Travel made us solid humble and tolerant. We are more closer than anyone I know. I will not give up for anything.

  2. Great post. This is the exact same list I came up with when I thought of the question you posed in your post title. For me, the cultural curiosity wins out every time. I try to see America through that lens to, as if I didn’t live here. That can be fun!

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