The Good Cards: Spreading Kindness Throughout the World

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If you have been following our blog for a while, by now you know that we LOVE traveling.  Why are we obessed with traveling?!  There’s the obvious reasons of seeing what the world has to offer, drinking fruity drinks on white sandy beaches, and of course gorging yourself with all the tasty food! But the main reason why we travel is to experience different cultures.  Getting a different perspective of how people all over the world experience life. There are many differences between the American culture and the rest of the world.  One big difference we notice is how much more simple life can be outside the United States.

In our travels, we have encountered situations that have changed our lives forever.  And I am not talking about experiences like parasailing, or having the best lobster you’ve ever tasted, or the greatest wine in the world.  I am talking about the encounters we have with other humans. Whether they are fellow travelers or locals, we have met some amazing people on our travels. People who are kind and generous.  People who are genuinely interested in getting to know us.  People who are overjoyed to share their culture and country with us.  The type of people and experiences that you are likely to encounter if you participate in this new real-life game that is about to change the world, called “The Good Cards”.

If we had to pick one, our greatest experience throughout all of our travels would have to be spending time at the SOS Children’s village in Pakse, Laos.  The short time we spent there will forever be in our hearts and memories.  Those children did more for us than we could ever do for them.  They showed us that you can be happy, even if you have next to nothing.  Although we gave them all the money we had in our possession, no amount of money could match the value of the time we spent with them, kicking the ball around, playing games, taking pictures, and teaching them some English.  The amount of joy and laughter we were able to produce by simply hanging out with them is something that money cannot buy.

Everywhere we travel, we find ourselves seeking the same experience that we had at the Childrens village in Pakse, Laos.  It’s the little things that count, whether it is visiting an animal shelter in Thailand and taking the dogs out for a walk or giving our leftovers to someone less fortunate living on the street.  During our travels, and even at home, we find ourselves wanting to take part in helping others out.  We are all living in the same world and deserve to have the same quality of life.  That’s why when we were approached to participate in helping with the launch of this new game “The Good Cards” we were more than excited to do our part.

The good cards- spreading kindness

What are The Good Cards?!

It’s a real life game that allows communities of dreamers, change makers, and travelers to spread happiness in real life. Dreamers are people that want to create a better world and believe they can do something to make it happen.  The Good Cards allow dreamers to see their impact in real life across the globe. Communities of dreamers can play the game and track the chain reaction that results from their good deed and how it encourages future acts of kindness.

The good Cards Fit Two Travel

The Good Cards is the first game in the world that is happening in real life where people receive good deed missions toward collective goal geared to help people create a better world. Unlike Pokemon Go, the entire game is a “real life” game. The entire game of The Good Cards is played in real life in real time and in the real world where dreamers can have a collective impact on a better world.

If you are into doing good, helping others and creating happiness, come support

 The Good Cards 

Sharing Kindness with The Good Cards

How The Good Card Works

Unlock missions

You will receive a physical card, the size of a credit card.  Download the app, scan the code from the card on your mobile app, and receive a mission of doing a good deed for somebody else. Complete the mission, AKA do a good deed and then pass the card on, either directly and anonymously. The next person receives the card, then as a kindness mission to complete, and as the card continues to get spread throughout the world so does the kindness! Track your card on the app and watch as the love spreads!  As the cards travel from hand to hand, everybody that has been a part of the card is able to track it and read all the kindness stories happening around the world with the exact card that was passed. There are 12 missions and 4 levels where each time you complete a mission you unlock the next. Missions vary from doing a good deed for a stranger, friend, or family member, but also for forgiveness. The Good Cards want to create a journey of becoming better human beings creating happiness and changing the world.

Global impact of The Good Cards

Global Impact

Each mission will be done anonymously and you will be able to track each good deed. You can see the journey of your good deed via stories, locations, cities, countries and activation. As your good deed travels you will see the impact globally with a tracker inside the app that displays the storyline of your card. Cards have already traveled from the USA to 17 countries including Colombia, Belgium, Bolivia, Netherlands, Puerto Rico, México, Chile, Costa Rica, Portugal, Poland, Jordan, Ukraine, Australia, Switzerland, UK, Canada, Bali, and Malaysia.

The Good Cards Global Impact

Benefits for The Good Cards

  • Feel and share the happiness
  • Connect with other dreamers
  • Create stories and connections around the world
  • Have fun while changing the world

This is a game that we are proud and excited to be a part of.  We love the world that we live in, but believe that the world could be a better place.  However that requires us making a change.  This game can help mobilize the masses to make a change by random acts of kindess, and in this era where instant gratification has never been more prevalent, we can see first hand how far our efforts have reached.  As travel bloggers, we plan on taking this internationally and hoping our acts of kindess can make it around the world an infinite amount of times. We cant wait to see how far our kindness will spread! So join us in backing The Good Cards. Join the journey and help change the world!









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